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Wuzhen Dongzha, Xizha night view, Xitang ancient town pure play 2-day tour

The most beautiful Yangtze River Delta -

      Wuzhen Dongzha, Xizha night view, Xitang ancient town pure play 2-day tour


Travel itinerary




We will go to Wuzhen in the morning and visit the [Wuzhen Dongzha Scenic Area] in the afternoon (about 2 hours tour) (Fengyuan Shuangqiao, Jiangnan Baichuang Museum, Folk Customs Museum, Hongyuan Tai Dye Workshop, Former Residence of Contradiction, Shadow Play, etc.), at your own expense in the evening Visit the newly-built China’s last home to sleep in the water --- Wuzhen [Xizha] Scenic Area (Tickets are self-care 150 yuan/person, discounted retail price 120 yuan/person) : It is one of Wuzhen’s investment of hundreds of millions of dollars to renovate Located in the new water town landscape, there are 250,000 square meters of Ming and Qing constructions. The old post office, three-inch golden lotus hall, drying market, open-air cinema, and bars are distributed in the block. There are also many elegant and luxurious homestays and inns in the block, strolling in the old streets, or riding a small boat through the water alleys, the beautiful night color makes us deeply intoxicated, dinner you You can choose a small store in Linhe at will with your lover or relatives and friends, order a few delicious special dishes, and watch the night slowly come. This kind of feeling is wonderful, a refined ancient town, because of the "Shui Shui" "Nian Hua" and lingering...     

No meals

Tongxiang or Jiaxing


After breakfast, Che Fu [] Xitang , Xitang long history, the ancient Wu more one of cultural birthplace. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, it was the border between Wu and Yue, so it was called "Wu Genyuejiao" and "Yuejiao Family". The millennium ancient town of Xitang was included in the world historical and cultural heritage tentative list and was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award for Historical and Cultural Protection by the United Nations. Xitang is one of the first ten famous historical and cultural towns in China, and has been included in the World Cultural Heritage Protection Preliminary List by UNESCO. The well-preserved buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties of 250,000 square meters in the old town area are rare in the south of the Yangtze River in terms of scale and well-preservation. The ancient Jiangnan water town has formed the rich natural landscape resources in Xitang. The streets are built on the river, and the houses are built by the water. There are 27 stone bridges, 122 ancient lanes and more than one thousand meters in the old town area of 1 square kilometers. There are nearly 20 scenic spots such as the West Garden, Zhongfutang, Shipi Alley, Root Carving Museum , Button Museum , Sanctuary, Qi Laoye Temple, Ni Tianzeng Ancestral House , etc. in the Langpeng . Xitang has become one of China's film and television shooting bases. "Mission Impossible 3", "My Youth Who Calls the Shot", "Don't Love Me", "Like Fog Like Rain and Wind", etc. were filmed here Return in the afternoon to end the pleasant journey!

Early meals

Date of departure: May 1st-4th every day   

Price: Adult: 398 yuan/person (regular accommodation) Adult: 458 yuan/person (four-star accommodation)

  Children: 258 yuan/person

The price for children only includes the travel fare, and other expenses are incurred at their own expense! More than 1.5 meters is charged as an adult

Quotation includes items:

1. Accommodation: Double standard room (regular group staying in Jinhui Hotel or similar) (four-star group staying in Qiantang New Century or similar)

2. Tickets: the number one ticket to the attraction 3. Meals: 1 breakfast 4. Transportation: air-conditioned coach 5. Tour guide: tour guide service

Excluding items : 1. Free activity items 2. Travel personal accident insurance

Compensation for poor room: RMB 70 per person for regular accommodation ; RMB 130 per person for four-star accommodation (refundable only)


1. Please forgive me for the change of tourist attractions or the decrease of attractions due to manpower majeure! The agency is only responsible for refunding the difference in the team price, but not responsible for the losses and liabilities caused thereby.

2. This group is an all-individual group mode. Please understand if there is a phenomenon of waiting for people or cars! Guarantee one seat per person (arrange the size of the vehicle according to the actual number of people)

3. During the travel itinerary, please be sure to gather at the time and place designated by the tour guide, so as not to damage the rights and interests of other tourists in the same group. During free activities, please pay special attention to your personal and property safety!

4. During the local tourist season, there will be traffic jams, crowded attractions, waiting for restaurants, etc. The tour guide will negotiate with the tourists to adjust the tour order of the tour items, please understand and cooperate! "

5. Our agency will notify tourists of the departure time and location, as well as the tour guide's mobile phone number and license plate number by phone and SMS at around 6 pm the day before the departure of the group. Please arrive at the designated place 10 minutes in advance. If the train is missed due to overdue, it will be regarded as a waiver, and the ticket price will not be refunded !



This itinerary needs to be stamped by the travel agency as an attachment to the contract, otherwise it is for reference only! When signing the contract, I have read all of them in detail, agree to all the contents of this itinerary, and abide by the travel agency's arrangements!      

Date of signing: Year Month Day Signature of Tourist Representative:             



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