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Zhejiang xianle International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhejiang xianle International Travel Agency") was established in 1986. It is a comprehensive travel agency engaged in domestic tourism, outbound tourism, inbound tourism and entrusted single agency business. The license number is l-zj-cj00084.

1、 Basic information of Zhejiang xianle CITS


Zhejiang xianle CITS headquarters is located on the first floor of Dongou building, Lianggang East Road, Lecheng street, covering an area of more than 400 square meters. There is an office building with its own property rights on Shuangyan Road, Lecheng street, with a total area of more than 1000 square meters. Zhejiang xianle CITS has set up 10 marketing departments in Lecheng, beibaixiang, Liushi, Hongqiao, Dajing, Puqi, Zhongyan, Baishi, Yandang and other major towns in Yueqing, and has achieved four unification, financial unification, route unification, human resource unification and planning and dispatching unification.

The brand of "xianle" originated in the 1980s. At that time, a simple shed was set up at the gate of Yandang middle school in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, with the words "tourism service department" written on it to help tourists from all over the country find guides and hotels. This is the front of xianle travel agency. A few years later, in 1986, with the support of the local government, xianle travel agency was officially established, becoming the first private travel agency in China, and a trendsetter in Wenzhou's private economy. In 1992, the national development and Reform Commission held a conference on tourism system reform in Chengdu. Jin chaoe was invited to give a special introduction at the conference, and was also received by the leaders of the central ministries and commissions. She participated in a forum attended by relevant leaders of the State Council and relevant ministries and commissions, and once again introduced the history of xianle entrepreneurship to Party and state leaders. In 2003, Zhang Xiqin, former executive deputy director of the National Tourism Administration, affirmed that xianle's business model represented the development direction of China's travel agencies at the commendation meeting of top 100 travel agencies.

Zhejiang xianle international travel agency, formerly known as Yueqing Branch of Yandangshan xianle travel agency, was established in September 2004 with the approval of Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Administration. Its registered place is Yueqing City. In 2012, it obtained the qualification of outbound group travel agency (No.: l-zj-cj00084). Zhejiang xianle CITS is one of the top ten service enterprises in Yueqing, and the only outbound group in Yueqing. Zhejiang xianle CITS participates in international tourism charter flights, cruise ships and trains, and actively arranges the international tourism market, with tourist routes all over the world.

Zhejiang xianle CITS focuses on personnel training. It has a group of experienced and vigorous planning and marketing teams, a large number of senior outbound tour leaders and conscientious professional tour guides. In Yueqing City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang province tour guide Grand Prix, the achievements are remarkable. At present, there are 3 senior tour guides and more than 20 intermediate tour guides.

For a long time, xianle has been paying attention to the cultivation of its brand. Xianle and Shuanghe logo have become famous trademarks at the municipal level. The company has held three consecutive xianle tourism and cultural festivals, and successfully hosted the "xianle night" Large Square Arts and art Gala hosted by the municipal government. Xianle collected "xianle song" from the whole society, invited Xia Minhua, the gold medal winner of the national youth song competition, to sing the song of xianle - xianleyou, and produced MV and micro film.

In order to actively respond to the call of the government, improve the comprehensive quality of the company, and make Zhejiang xianle CITS to a higher level, the goal of creating a five-star quality travel agency was set at the company's staff meeting in early 2016. In that year, it upgraded all its sales department to the Sales Department of Zhejiang xianle International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. At the end of 2018, the company leased more than 400 square meters of office space on Lianggang East Road, Chengdong street, Yueqing City, which was redesigned and decorated by Yueqing Branch of Dongyi Risheng home decoration Group Co., Ltd., with a total cost of more than 700000 yuan. On April 18, 2019, the headquarters of Zhejiang xianle International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. will be relocated here. In the work, we will constantly improve the company system, strengthen human resource management, standardize the service process, and improve the management quality, so as to lay a solid foundation for the establishment of a five-star quality travel agency. During this period, leaders of industry management organizations and industry experts in provinces and cities were invited to guide the work of creating five-star. In order to welcome the arrival of a better era, Zhejiang xianle International Travel Service Co., Ltd., as the logistics of the happy life of ordinary people, is willing to be a tourism expert around the citizens, make a little contribution to Wenzhou citizens to get high-quality travel routes, and add bricks and tiles to the construction of Yueqing civilized city.

2、 Characteristics of Zhejiang xianle International Travel Agency

After more than 30 years of exploration and efforts, Zhejiang xianle CITS has emerged and gradually formed its own brand and characteristics, becoming the leading enterprise in Yueqing tourism market.

(1) The spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship is the gene of xianle enterprise culture

Ms. Jin chao'e, founder of Zhejiang xianle International Travel Service Department, was the core concept of Wenzhou People's spirit, an example of the era's trendsetters, and a cultural gene engraved into the bones and blood of xianle enterprises from generation to generation. This kind of cultural gene has also been continued with the development of xianle. The innovation of product, service, system and business philosophy of Zhejiang xianle International Travel Co., Ltd. has been in the forefront of Yueqing market.

(2) "Customer satisfaction" is the core value of xianle enterprise

In those years, Ms. Jin chaoe went to Shanghai alone for many times in order to develop her business, hoping to receive a tourist team. I went back empty handed more than ten times. Finally, she promised the local travel agency in Shanghai that the tour group would be accepted first and the tourists would pay if they were satisfied; if the tourists were not satisfied, they would not pay a cent. At present, she received the first tour group from Shanghai, which is xianle travel agency's business philosophy of guests first, reputation first and quality service.

Later, "integrity management, tourists oriented, service first" evolved into the core values of Zhejiang xianle CITS. "Guest first" and "service first" come down in one continuous line