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From a simple shed in Yandang Mountain more than 30 years ago, to the top 100 in China, the first in Zhejiang, to four-star travel agencies, and then to the establishment of five-star travel agencies. Along the way, the scenery of xianle is infinite and the stars are shining. Not only has he been "creating star" and "adding star", but also the leaders of three generations are "stars" in the tourism industry.

1: laid off women workers start their own businesses with nothing

Jin chaoe was originally a Shanghai female worker. After being laid off, she chose to go back to her hometown. In a small village, she sold climbing shoes, did nursery stock business, and even worked as a tailor. A variety of work experience let her have a unique vision, so she set her eyes on the Yandang Mountain tourist resort.

As a result, a simple shed was set up at the gate of Yandang middle school, and the book "tourism service department" was written. Tourists from all over the country can quickly find tour guides and hotels. More than 30 years ago, Kim went to Shanghai alone, hoping to receive a tourist team, but more than a dozen times she returned empty handed. She made an important decision - promised to the local travel agency: first pick up the tour, and then pay if the tourists are satisfied; if the tourists are not satisfied, no money will be charged! In this way, she received the first tour group from Shanghai.

In 1986, xianle travel agency was officially established. Jin chaoe didn't expect that the one she founded was actually the first private travel agency in China. In 1992, the national development and Reform Commission held a conference on tourism system reform in Chengdu. Jin chaoe was invited to give a special introduction at the conference, was received by the leaders of the central ministries and commissions, and participated in a forum attended by the relevant leaders of the State Council and relevant ministries and commissions, and introduced the history of xianle entrepreneurship again.

Gradually, Kim chao'e became more and more famous, attracting CCTV, Zhejiang TV, Shanghai Oriental TV and other media to interview her. Her story was made into a TV feature film. At that time, the Japanese serial "a Xin" was on the air, "a Xin" also became a popular female entrepreneur pronoun, Kim Chao e was affectionately known as "Yandang a Xin".

Since the establishment of xianle travel agency, Jin chaoe's original intention has always been "to make tourists happy like gods". It is this kind of original intention that xianle takes every tourist seriously. Tourists in xianle are really happy as immortals. In 2003, xianle was rated as one of the top 100 travel agencies in China, ranking the fifth in China and the first in Zhejiang Province. Since then, xianle has been running for many years.

2: thriving, leading the way

In 1985, Ruan Fenglian graduated from Wenzhou Normal University and worked as a journalist for a period of time. He chose the profession of teacher. In the xianle travel agency established by his mother, Kim chao'e, he also works as a part-time financial director and takes a group tour on holidays. Later, his younger brother, then the general manager of xianle travel agency, was employed as director of Linhai Tourism Bureau. He only took over his younger brother's baton and became the general manager of the travel agency. He had to leave his beloved three inch podium.

After devoting himself to the travel agency, Ruan Fenglian made full use of his business mind and was like a fish in the water in this industry. Under his leadership, xianle travel agency flourished. He has organized more than 280 travel agencies across the country to hold a marketing conference to attract customers for Yandang Mountain. In the past ten years, xianle has developed into a group tourism enterprise with three travel agencies and six sales offices. Its branches are not only in Beijing and Shanghai, but also in Sweden, Finland and other countries. In addition, it also has hotels, advertising companies, outdoor companies and tourist teams, with more than 200 employees. At the peak of its business, it received 160000 tourists annually.

In order to develop business, Ruan Fenglian personally led a team to inspect various scenic spots, seeking the support of each scenic spot, focusing on management, quality and marketing. Starting with the tour around, he launched the Xiangshan thousand people group, which was launched in one shot, and then launched more than ten thousand people groups including Shaoxing, Pan'an, Suzhou and Fuding. He also visited the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other places from home and abroad. He also participated in outbound charter flights, ships and trains, and actively arranged the international tourism market.

In 2017, Ruan Fenglian was keenly aware that the market prospect of rural tourism is broad, and many tourists want to return to the original place. He spent almost half a year in the countryside to explore the elements of Yueqing. Through investigation, he sorted out three thick materials. In order to develop the scenic spot, he and the local village cadres went deep into the remote mountains and depressions where there were few people to go. He kept looking for reasonable and perfect routes, which made the activities start in a flash. The local government has not only achieved great economic benefits and social benefits, but also achieved great economic and social benefits.

In recent years, the tourism industry is facing unprecedented difficulties, but xianle travel agency led by Ruan Fenglian has achieved three years of continuous growth. Yueqing xianle travel agency is also rated as a four-star quality travel agency, and has passed the acceptance of tourism service standardization and smart tourism experience point.

3: new thinking promotes new breakthroughs

Ruan Haojing, the son of Ruan Fenglian and the third generation leader of xianle, is one of the first tourism consultants in Zhejiang Province. Young people's ideas are always different. New thinking brings new methods, and xianle has a new breakthrough.

In recent years, the combination of "Internet plus" concept and tourism has developed the development of e-commerce, and developed its own smart mobile phone client, WeChat.