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Wuxi Lingshan Scenic Spot/Nianhua Bay/Baihuazhou Two-Day Tour

Wuxi Lingshan Scenic Spot /Nianhua Bay/ Baihuazhou Two-Day Tour

The magnificent view of the Holy Land of the Vatican Palace, the miracle of Kowloon bathing   

Lingshan and Water, Taihu Lake, a beautiful leisure and blessed land, Wuxi, can not enjoy the beauty of Taihu Lake  

Baihuazhou --the inner city of Gusu Laoxu Gate

complimentary Jiangnan special meals

 Another gift : the opening blessing blessing Mountain Pack 1

Time only 4 : 05 Yue Ri --23, May 29 - 30,

June 5-6, June 19-20

Itinerary reference 

D1: specified time place the set, Che Fu Pearl of Taihu Lake --- Wuxi, to the National AAAAA level scenic [Mountain] shengjing ( big ticket 210 yuan included in the price is located in Taihu Lake in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, a small Mountain, Xiangfu Zen The temple, the Lingshan Giant Buddha, and other scenic spots distributed in between, can be briefly summarized as one mountain, one temple, and one Buddha. It was completed in 1997 and covers an area of about 30 hectares. It integrates lakes and mountains, gardens and squares, Buddhist culture, and historical knowledge. It is the most complete and the only Buddhist cultural theme park in China that showcases the achievements of Sakyamuni. {大佛像} The location of the Great Buddha is Xiaolingshan named by Tang Xuanzang, hence the name Lingshan Giant Buddha. As the tallest open-air bronze statue of Sakyamuni in the world, the Lingshan Giant Buddha is 88 meters high, the Buddha body is 79 meters, and the lotus petals are 9 meters. It is the tallest giant Buddha statue in my country so far. If you add a three-story base, the total The height is 101.5 meters. {Nine Dragon Bathing} The large-scale musical dynamic group sculpture "Nine Dragon Bathing in the Nine Dragons Bathing, Seeing Buddha in Blossom", a large-scale musical dynamic group sculpture in Lingshan Shengjing, reproduces the story of the birth of Buddha Shakyamuni. {Lingshan Sanskrit Palace} is a cultural building that integrates tourism, conference, exhibition and cultural experience. The entire building is built on the mountain and combines Chinese Buddhist grotto art and traditional Buddhist architectural elements. The building is 150 meters wide and 180 deep. Meters, with a total area of 50,000 square meters. In the evening, visit the national AAAAA-level tourist attraction [Nianhua Bay] (The big ticket is 120 yuan included) , Lingshan Town·Nianhua Bay is located between the mountains and rivers of the Mashan National Scenic Area in Binhu District, Wuxi City. It is another masterpiece of Lingshan Group after the Lingshan Fan Palace which lasted for 5 years. It has always been known as "clear air, pure land, and pure water", with beautiful ecology and superior environment. The name "Nianhuawan" is derived from the classic story of the Buddha at the Lingshan meeting where the Buddha twists flowers and Kassapa smiles. At the same time, it is also due to the magical landscape of the land resembling five-leaf lotus. The overall architectural style of the town originated from the Tang style, integrated into the unique water system of China's Jiangnan town, creating a unique architectural style, making the entire town immersed in a beautiful mood. Nianhuawan is a tourist resort destination that integrates nature, humanities, and lifestyles. It pursues a unique humanistic care of body, mind, and spirit, allowing people to experience the ubiquitous Zen life, thus creating a "mind" "Holiday" is a new mode of leisure travel. In October 2019, Nianhuawan Zen Town was selected as the first "Small Aesthetic Model" list. Stay in the hotel at the right time . 

                    (Dinner included) live in Wuxi /Suzhou


D2: After breakfast, visit [Baihuazhou Park] , which is located on the bank of Xumen Ancient City, between Panmen and Xumen city wall and the first straight river. It is a narrow strip, shaped like an island. In ancient times, it was a garden owned by Gusuyi Station, and later it was a shanty dwelling house. It has now been converted into a park. Xumen, also known as Laoxumen, is south of Wannian Bridge. During the Warring States Period, Chunshen Jun knew that the terrain of Taihu Lake was higher than that of Suzhou. In order to avoid flooding in the city, the Xumen waterway was closed. After that, Xumen had no water gate, and the inner city of Xumen was in Baihuazhou. Wengcheng is a trapezoid. The strange thing is that the outer gate of Xumen is not facing west, but facing south. Presumably the ancients probably wanted to avoid the direct collision of the soldiers. This seems safer, but it brings a lot of people in and out. Great inconvenience Pedestrians have to go through Xueshi Street, enter Wengcheng from the inner city gate, head south out of the outer city gate, and then walk a few hundred steps up Hebei before going up to the Wannian Bridge Today, Suzhou government Xumen built up area of 4 million square meters of Baihuazhou park. The scenery in the park is beautiful, and it is a good place for relaxing walks. In the afternoon, we will return to our warm home.  

(Including breakfast and lunch)

Price: 299 yuan/person

Executive standard 

1. Tickets: Lingshan, Nianhua Bay (the first big ticket in the scenic spot )

2. Meal: 1 morning and 2 regular meals 8 dishes and 1 soup )

3. Accommodation: Business Hotel Standard Room

4. Tour guide: tour guide service

gifts gift blessing blessing package 1

6. Shopping: Shuangmu Technology Learning Machine ] [Silk Factory] [Pearl Expo Center] [Camel Milk Center] [Cooking & Bamboo Charcoal Pavilion] Ejiao Center Choose 2 from 9 (In case of policy closure of the shopping store, can be replaced, as appropriate, other shopping, please know) according to the unified arrangement of the traffic situation, the time to visit each about 1 0 of about 0 minutes, voluntary purchase, no mandatory

7. Car: Air-conditioned tourist car

8. Insurance: including travel agency liability insurance



1 There may be peak tourist travel after the epidemic, and the itinerary sequence may be fine-tuned

2 The shopping time of each station is about 100 minutes, and the specific details are subject to the site.

3. The recommended age for receiving customers: 25-75 years old

¥ 299
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