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One day trip to Jingning large-scale She ethnic wedding show, Phoenix ancient city, and family banquet in Pinshe Township

[Pure Play Jingning  Charm She Township]

One day trip to Jingning large-scale She ethnic wedding show, Phoenix ancient city, and family banquet in Pinshe Township


Travel itinerary









Early travel to the country only minority She Autonomous County - Jingning County;

(1) She family banquet ; go to Jingning Internet celebrity restaurant lakeside feast or Fengjinshan Liubaoxuan special restaurant to taste She family delicacies made with wu rice and She Township Harvest delicacies, to celebrate the She Township Harvest Festival; experience the She’s traditions Traditional customs such as "Pagoda Tea" and "Welcome Wine" in the festival are the grand festival banquets of the She family. I wish you all the best, happiness and health! Let you feel the extraordinary harvest banquet in She Township. I wish you all the best, happiness and well-being during the holiday.

(2 ) She nationality ancestor worship song and dance + She nationality wedding performance ; go to Fengjin Shanzhai (15 minutes by car) ethnic village to watch the characteristic [She nationality song and dance ancestor worship ceremony] , listen to the beautiful song of She nationality ancestor worship, and feel the wonderful She nationality wood pat sacrifice ancestral dance interpretation of the history and culture of the She people for thousands of years; after an optional visit to [ seal Jinshan She clan marriage ] 60 yuan / person (to play one hour) in a sealed gold cottage area where, dressed shes girl with a wonderful song and wonderful The dance greeted the guests from afar, and demonstrated the traditional marriage customs of the She nationality with a unique interactive performance on marriage customs, allowing the guests to experience a unique ethnic wedding customs. It includes drum music to welcome guests, folk songs to welcome guests, to block the way, antiphonal songs, to borrow pots, to kill chickens, to get married, and so on . After the trip, enjoy a feast for the She nationality.

(3) style town - the ancient city of Phoenix; travel view town [Phoenix]: Here thousands Gorge Lake and shes traditional architecture as a carrier, Jingning She has become a showcase of traditional culture and urban living room, the Church, the ancient stage, Phoenix Plaza The appearance of antique buildings all reveal the strong She ethnic culture in Jingning. The ancient town incorporates elements of She ethnic culture. The blue tiles, blue stones, brick carvings, sketches, streets, local customs, etc. form a rich landscape and pleasant environment in the ancient town, which fully expresses the simplicity and elegance of the ancient town.

(4 ) Phoenix blessing -intangible cultural heritage display ; go to "She Nationality Folk Museum", located by the beautiful covered bridge lake; participate in the Phoenix wishing ceremony ; watch the She nationality intangible cultural essence display, silversmithing; singing folk songs and other special activities; and Visit the exhibition of the Millennium She Silver Collection, which has a long history; then, go to the She Township Covered Bridge Landscape Belt to take pictures of the exquisite She Nationality Covered Bridge Architecture and the natural landscape of the She Township, let you linger on! Return in time!








Package includes 1 meal of She Township family banquet special meal


Departure date: May 1-5 every day

Same price for size: 119 yuan + 80 yuan/person ( [ She Township Wedding Show ] Ticket + She Township Featured Family Dinner )

Quotation includes items:

1. Meal: set meal including 1 Chinese meal at She Township Family Banquet                   2. Tour Guide: Tour Guide Service

3. Transportation: round-trip air-conditioned coach; 4. Tickets: wedding show ticket package paid separately                       

【She's Phoenix Family Banquet】Menu:

Farmhouse nourishing local chicken hot pot; Shexiang dried vegetable stew; delicious sauerkraut fish fillet; hibiscus steamed egg; mountain and wild bamboo shoots; Sheniang special side dishes double combination; Shejia hand-made tofu;

Hot and sour potato shreds; stir-fried organic mushrooms; pastoral vegetables; Shejia wu rice; whole grains platter; wooden barrel rice; fresh fruit plate; gold medal Huiming tea;

Exclude items : 1. Free activity items 2. Travel personal accident insurance;


1. Please forgive me for the change of tourist attractions or the decrease of attractions due to manpower majeure! The agency is only responsible for refunding the difference in team tickets, but not responsible for the losses and liabilities caused thereby.

2. This group is an all-individual group mode. Please understand if there is a phenomenon of waiting for people or cars! Guarantee one seat per person ( arrange the size of the vehicle according to the actual number of people)

3. During the travel itinerary, please be sure to gather at the time and place designated by the tour guide, so as not to damage the rights and interests of other tourists in the same group. During free activities, please pay special attention to your personal and property safety!

4. During the local tourist season, there will be traffic jams, crowded attractions, waiting for restaurants, etc. The tour guide will negotiate with the tourists to adjust the tour order of the tour items, please understand and cooperate! "

5. Our agency will notify tourists of the departure time and location, as well as the tour guide's mobile phone number and license plate number by phone and SMS at around 6 pm the day before the departure of the group. Please arrive at the designated place 10 minutes in advance. If the train is missed due to overdue, it will be regarded as a waiver, and the ticket price will not be refunded !



This itinerary needs to be stamped by the travel agency as an attachment to the contract, otherwise it is for reference only! When signing the contract, I have read all of them in detail, agree to all the contents of this itinerary, and abide by the travel agency's arrangements!      

Date of signing: Year Month Day Signature of Tourist Representative:             




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