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Jiangxing Ningxia (Wenzhou Yinchuan 5-day round trip) customized small bag group

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If you are tired of the oppression of work and the hustle and bustle of the city. Then you must come to the northwest and Ningxia. Here is the dusty history of the mysterious Huns, and countless stories are buried in the ancient city. Here is the historical witness of cultural exchanges between China and the West; There is a love story between Zhizunbao and Zixia Fairy; There is the rugged and heroic Tengger Desert, the fourth largest desert in China; Here is a new look of a century old village. There are countless local delicacies and beautiful scenery in the northwest. Come to Ningxia to enjoy the soul bath; Come to Ningxia to enjoy other beautiful scenery. Ningxia and you are a long awaited encounter, even if unknown, but already know each other!




"Chinese Film Goes to the World from Here" - 5A Zhenbeibao Western Film and Television City

"Solitary smoke in the desert, long river setting yen" - 5A Shapotou

"The birthplace of prehistoric archaeology in China" - 5A Shuidonggou

"Years of aphasia, only stone can speak" - 4A Helan Mountain rock painting

The online red card printing ground [Highway 66], surrounded by the Yellow River and mountains, runs through the rolling Gobi and the magnificent Yellow River. It is a high, desolate and lonely road, with the vast expanse of the vast land in the northwest!

"Leading Ningxia Lycium to be popular all over the world" - Bairuiyuan Chinese Lycium Museum





[Brief itinerary]


Itinerary and attractions



Chinese food


Accommodation Hotel


Wenzhou --Yinchuan: aircraft, Enjoying the beautiful scenery in the northern part of the Great Wall





Yinchuan Five Star Luxury hotel


Yinchuan --Central defender : 【 Water tunnel ditch 】 [Helan Mountain Rock Painting] 【 Jinshahai Tourist Resort 】

Touring bus



Zhongwei Desert Viewing Room


Central defender --Wu Zhong: 【 Early view of desert sunrise 】【 Shapotou 】【 Highway 66 】

Touring bus



Wu Zhong Light and Luxury Five Stars hotel


Wu Zhong --Yinchuan: 【 Wuzhong Morning Tea 】【 Zhenbeibao Western Cinema 】【 Chinese Wolfberry Pavilion 】

Touring bus



Yinchuan Five Star Luxury hotel


Yinchuan — Wenzhou: Airplane, Ending a Happy Journey to Northern China




D1 Wenzhou → Yinchuan

[Introduction to the itinerary] (about 40 minutes' drive) Hello, distinguished guests! Welcome to this trip! When you arrive at Yinchuan City, which is known as "the southern part of the Yangtze River". Our agency will arrange a special person to pick you up. This place is located in the inland of the motherland. The warm and simple folk customs will affect you. Everything here will make you feel different. After arriving in the urban area, you will check in the hotel.

[Free travel intimate recommendation]

1. Recommended famous buildings and business districts in Yinchuan: Drum Tower, Yuhuang Pavilion, Nanguan Mosque, Haibao Tower, Xinhua Street Business District, Wanda Business District, and Dayoucheng Business District.

2. Yinchuan food recommendation: Xiaoye Shouzhuan, Laomao Shouzhuan, Deding Yipin instant boiled mutton, Hongliuzhi Barbecue, Gulou Shangjie Night Market, Dayao City Sightseeing Night Market, Huaiyuan Night Market.

[Travel housekeeper] The travel housekeeper will inform you of the group reception, local weather, precautions, etc. by SMS/phone before 21:00 the day before you arrive in Yinchuan. Please keep your mobile phone number unblocked when signing the contract and save the exclusive phone number of the travel steward. If you have any problems in the later journey, please contact the travel steward at the first time, and the travel steward is always at your side.

Check in: Wenwen Ruijin Hotel, Shangling Boston Hotel, Lida Shenzhen Airlines Hotel or similar hotels

Dining: self-care

D2 Yinchuan Zhongwei

[Travel Introduction] (189 km one-way, about 3.5 hours' drive)

After breakfast, take the bus to [Helan Mountain Rock Painting] (35 kilometers, 40 minutes' drive, 1.5 hours' visit). Helan Mountain Rock Painting was listed in the World Informal Cultural Heritage List by the UNESCO International Rock Painting Committee in 1997. Here, the mountains are towering and precipitous, the spring flows all the year round, the roc flies and the rock sheep jump freely. In the meantime, you can not only appreciate the majesty and beauty of Helan Mountain, but also be intoxicated with the original and thick cultural atmosphere of ancient villages and ancient sites. Ancient people have drawn and carved nearly 6000 mysterious and strange rock paintings on Helan rock paintings, recording their daily life. Take a bus from the hotel to [Shuidonggou] (50km, 1h driving, 2.5h visiting, including the camel cart luxury tractor hidden soldier cave of the live experience battery car, pleasure boat and donkey), recording the history of ancient human reproduction and struggle with nature, containing rich and precious prehistoric data. It shows people the living picture of ancient humans 40000 years ago, and is a Paleolithic site officially excavated in the Yellow River area in China so far. Then we will go to the mysterious Silk Road cultural customs and desert ecological sightseeing tourism. [Jinsha Sea Tourist Resort] (189km, 3 hours driving) is a high-end leisure resort integrating catering, accommodation, outdoor expansion, leisure, entertainment, sightseeing, and sand spring recuperation. The desert train theme hotel, desert star tent hotel, camel riding desert adventure, sand sea surfing and other experiential projects in the scenic area provide you with an excellent place for tourism, leisure, vacation and health care. After the visit, stay in the hotel and have a rest.


1. There are many small traffic in Shuidonggou Scenic Area. Please line up in order when taking the traffic and pay attention to safety.

2. The desert climate is dry, and the ultraviolet radiation is still strong in winter. Please pay attention to sunscreen and drink more water;

Follow the guidance of the staff when participating in entertainment projects, and put safety first;

Check in: Herringbone/Tower Desert View Hotel or equivalent hotel

Meal: breakfast

D3 Zhongwei Wu Zhong

[Travel Introduction] (120 km one-way, about 2.5 hours' drive)

Wake up by the alarm clock in the morning. The morning in the desert is cold. Go out and climb up the sand slope. The sky slowly brightens. Watching the sun rise is a super healing process. You must watch the sunrise in the desert once in your life. After breakfast, we will visit Shapotou Scenic Spot (20 km, 20 minutes' drive, 3 hours' visit), a national 5A level post tourism scenic spot (Shapotou Scenic Spot) integrating desert, Yellow River, mountains and oases, which is both magnificent in the northwest and beautiful in the south of the Yangtze River. The Yellow River flows in an S-shape, irrigating this fertile land. Here is connected to the Tengger Desert, the fourth largest desert in China, which allows you to feel the vastness and majesty of the desert at a close distance. There are desert surfers that can ride the wind and waves, camels called "the boat of the desert", and desert off-road vehicles with super performance and cool appearance. All this makes this desert full of fun and joy. Then go to the Wanghong clocking ground [Highway 66] (due to the traffic control of the Mengbei section where the Wanghong Highway 'Highway 66' is located, vehicles with more than 7 seats are forbidden to pass. If the number of people is more than 6 (including 6), the place cannot be arranged for sightseeing, please forgive me! Surrounded by the Yellow River and mountains, the car travels all the way, crossing between the rolling Gobi and the magnificent Yellow River. This is a high, desolate and lonely road, with the vast expanse of the vast land in the northwest!.


1. There are many fine sands in the scenic area, so it is better to have a cover on the camera bag. Remember to close the zipper, and put the camera away immediately after taking photos. It is recommended to wear a pair of shoes that fit and have good ventilation, which can save you unnecessary trouble on your journey.

Check in: Dinghong Hotel, Vienna Hotel, Regal Ritz Hotel, Hongbao Hotel or similar hotels

Meal: breakfast/Wuzhong morning tea

D4 Wu Zhong Yinchuan

[Travel Introduction] (60 km one-way, about 1 hour drive)

Taste Wuzhong's local characteristic morning tea for breakfast. When talking about morning tea, many people first think that it may be Cantonese style morning tea. In Wuzhong City, Ningxia, morning tea has quite northwest characteristics. A bowl of beef noodles, a cup of Babao tea, together with traditional pastries, snacks, dishes and improved Cantonese style snacks, form a unique catering culture. Later, we went to visit [Zhenbeibao West Film and Television City] (35 km, 40 minutes' drive, 2 hours' visit), which is known as "China's One Wonder" and "Oriental Hollywood", where famous award-winning films such as "Red Gaoliang", "Dahua Westward Journey", "Yellow River Ballad" and so on were shot, maintaining and making use of the original peculiar, vigorous, desolate, solemn, dilapidated, and invincible scene of the ancient castle, It highlights its sense of desolation, loess flavor and primitive and folk aesthetic connotation, retains and restores the winemaking workshop in Red Sorghum in Ming Castle, and retains the scene of the classic dialogue "Love You 10000 Years" in the film Dahua Westward Journey in Qing Castle. Visit [Western Xia Mausoleum] (including tickets, battery cars, 3D movie watching, 50 kilometers, 1 hour drive, and 2 hours visit) The Western Xia Mausoleum is one of the largest existing imperial mausoleums in China with the most complete ground relics, the largest Western Xia cultural site in China, and the most important historical heritage and the most mysterious cultural landscape in Ningxia. Among 119 national key scenic spots in China, the Western Xia Mausoleum Scenic Spot is the only scenic spot composed of a single imperial tomb. Due to natural and man-made reasons for eight or nine hundred years, the ground buildings have been damaged but the remains remain, especially the nine royal mausoleum platforms and more than 140 burial tombs that have been identified are staggered and scattered on the alluvial fan at the foot of Helan Mountain, We can still see the glory of the past. Then go to visit the [Chinese Wolfberry Museum] (40 km, 50 minutes' drive, 60 minutes' visit) to dig the historical treasure of 4000 years of Chinese Wolfberry, aiming to inherit the 4000 year history of Chinese Wolfberry, and promote traditional Chinese medicine and the health culture of Chinese Wolfberry. After the visit, stay in the hotel and have a rest.


1. No dinner will be arranged today. The guide can take you to the restaurant near the scenic spot for dinner. Please understand.

2. The scenic spot of Zhenbeipu West Film and Television City is a hiking tour. It is suggested to follow the pace of the interpreter during the tour to guide you to enjoy the film View the scene. Various simulation props are provided in the scenic spot for you to take photos for free, so that you can experience the feeling of "tourists come, stars go".

Check in: Wenwen Ruijin Hotel, Shangling Boston Hotel, Lida Shenzhen Airlines Hotel or similar hotels

Meal: breakfast

D5 Yinchuan Wenzhou

[Itinerary introduction] The wonderful holiday is coming to an end. Pack your bags and get ready to return home.

If you have enough time, you can also go to the city and enjoy buffet breakfast in the hotel. You can take all your belongings and check out by yourself! The driver will send the bus to the station on time according to your flight (in addition, the bus will send the bus to our agency as a gift, and the fee will not be refunded if it is not used). End the pleasant trip to Ningxia!


1. Please check your luggage carefully before returning, and do not miss anything to increase your unnecessary trouble.

2. For our carefully arranged itinerary and services, please leave your valuable comments and sign the comment sheet. Thank you for your support and understanding of our work. We will continue to improve ourselves and provide better services.

3. If you are satisfied with this trip to Ningxia, please introduce it to your relatives and friends. We warmly welcome you to come to the magical Ningxia again. I wish you a safe journey and my best wishes to you!

Meal: breakfast

-----Service standards-----

Flight schedule

Two people start work and work every day

Expenses include

[Accommodation] Five star luxury hotel throughout the whole journey, Zhongwei arranges one night of desert observation room accommodation experience (the hotel does not provide triple room and extra bed services; if there is a single man and single woman, please make up the single room difference to enjoy a single room. Single room difference: 1130 yuan/person for 4 nights)

Dining The whole process includes 4 Breakfast, including breakfast in the hotel

[Transportation] The regular tourist fleet will arrange air-conditioned tourist buses throughout the whole journey, matching the models according to the number of people, 2-3 people will be assigned with 5 passenger cars, 4-6 people will be assigned with 9 business cars (all are air-conditioned cars, ensuring one seat for each person), and disinfection will be carried out every day to ensure safety

[Scenic spots] First ticket of the whole scenic spot, Shuidonggou cruise The battery car hides the soldier cave donkey's camel tractor

[Tour Guide] Excellent driver and tour guide in Chinese to escort you. If you need to arrange professional tour guide, you need to pay additional guide clothing 1000 yuan/group

Insurance Travel agency liability insurance

Tour Hotel Description

Hotel area

Reference hotel name


Wenwen Ruijin Hotel, Shangling Boston Hotel, Lida Shenzhen Airlines Hotel or similar hotels

Wu Zhong

Dinghong Hotel, Vienna Hotel, Regal Ritz Hotel, Hongbao Hotel or similar hotels

Central defender

Herringbone /Tower shaped desert view hotel or equivalent hotel


If the reference hotel is temporarily requisitioned by the government or the room condition is tight, we have the right to adjust it to the same level hotel. Please understand.

Cost not included

1. Hotel deposit, single room difference.

2. All expenses beyond the content of "service standard".

3. The cost of children over 1.2m does not include the bed fee. If they need to occupy the bed, they need to make up the room difference.

3. Travel accident insurance and aviation accident insurance (recommended for tourists).

4. Additional expenses paid for personal and property losses caused by tourists' breach of contract, their own fault, or their own disease.

5. Meals and transportation expenses during free activities; The products that provide tour guide services are not accompanied during free activities.

6. Additional expenses caused by accidents such as traffic delay and cancellation or force majeure factors such as war, strike, epidemic control and natural disasters.

Friendly Tips

1、 No refund or exchange of fees for participants who fail to participate in the complimentary items.

2、 This product is not suitable for Please forgive me if you are over 70 years old.

3. If you are suffering from heart disease, hypertension, lumbar muscle strain, pregnant women and other physical discomfort, please do not participate in the scenic area entertainment.

4. The time listed in the itinerary is only for reference, and the final itinerary order and time will be adjusted according to the local actual situation. Please understand.

5. Thank you for your support and trust in our agency. In order to provide you with a satisfactory journey, our reception quality is subject to the Quality Tracking Questionnaire signed by tourists. Please fill it out carefully. If tourists complain that their opinions are inconsistent after leaving the group, our agency will not deal with them.

Travel Guide

● Tourism in northwest China is in the development stage, with limited hardware conditions. Hotel standards and dining tastes are not comparable with those in developed coastal cities. Please be prepared accordingly.

● The temperature difference between day and night in northwest China is large, and it is cold outdoors in winter. Please prepare enough cold proof clothes. It is recommended that the inside is thin and the outside is thick, which can be easily put on and off.

● Some areas in the northwest have high altitude and strong ultraviolet radiation. Skin care products such as sunglasses, sun hats and sunscreen should be prepared.

● The climate in northwest China is dry and windy. It is recommended that you drink more water. Prepare lip balm, thermos cup, mask, disinfectant hand sanitizer, sand proof face towel, etc.

● Since the distance between scenic spots is long and you spend a long time in the car, it is recommended that you prepare a neck pillow to relieve fatigue.

● The hotel basically provides disposable toiletries. It is recommended that you bring your own slippers, towels and other items for convenience and hygiene.

● Prepare your power bank during the journey, and remember to charge your mobile phone at any time, so that you can contact and leave beautiful scenery.

● The food in northwest China is heavy and spicy, and the guests arriving in northwest China for the first time may not be used to it. Please prepare commonly used medicines in advance.

● Northwest China is a minority inhabited area, and all ethnic minorities have their own unique religious beliefs. Please pay attention to respecting the customs of ethnic minorities. When contacting with ethnic minorities, tourists should not ask questions or talk about their religious beliefs in public to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

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