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Jeju 4 nights 5 days semi-self-service (free activities for one day)



Reference flight: 9C8623 18:55-21:40 The actual flight is subject to the departure notice

After meeting at the airport at the designated time, the leader will go through the departure procedures, take an international flight to Jeju, and check in at the hotel upon arrival

Accommodation: Five Flowers Special Two Pearls or Shangri-La or similar

Breakfast: take care of yourself

Chinese food: self care

Dinner: please take care of yourself



Aqua planet ~ Forest train ~ Seongsan Ilchulbong ~ Seongeup Folk Village

[Seongsan Ilchulbong] (about 60 minutes) One of the must-visit attractions in Jeju Island-Seongsan Ilchulbong, at an altitude of 182 meters, is located at the eastern end of Jeju Island (33°27′ North, 126°56′ East). Towering huge rock with huge crater on top. The crater is 600 meters in diameter, 90 meters deep, and covers an area of more than 80,000 square meters.

[Aqua planet aquarium] (approximately 60 minutes) was built in Seopjikoji, one of the representative tourist attractions of Jeju Island, with a total area of 25,600 square meters (approximately 7,700 pyeong). It consists of an aquarium and an Ocean Arena (Ocean Arena). ), Marine Science (Marine Science) and the center site consists of 4 major areas. It is larger than Asia's largest Aquarium of America (10,400 tons) and ranks among the top ten in the world. The exhibited creatures are also diverse, including not only the whale shark and devil fish that first appeared in Korea, but also more than 500 species including six dolphins, large sharks and 10,000 damselfishes, totaling 48,000 creatures.

[Small forest train] EcoLand ecological theme park, also called forest train paradise, is currently the only large-scale ecological park with the theme of train travel in Jeju Island. The four theme parks are connected by small trains. There are five small trains in the park, which are painted with the five most representative ecological colors of Jeju Island. Red represents volcanoes, black is basalt, yellow is rape blossoms, green is green, and blue is blue sky.

[Seongeup Folk Village] (approximately 40 minutes) There are more than 400 houses here, which have been designated as the Folklore Data Protection Area of Korea, and each person will be given a cup of honey tea or schisandra tea to learn about the local history and culture, and experience the folk customs of Jeju Style

Accommodation: Five Flowers Special Two Pearls or Shangri-La or similar

Breakfast: included

Chinese food: roasted black pork

Dinner: Ginseng Chicken



Free activities throughout the day (no car or guide)

Recommended attractions:

★★[Shilla Duty Free Shop] [Lotte Duty Free Shop] + Yeondong Walking Street, buy, buy, buy! ★★

★★ You can also charter a car to the Shinhwa World for a day of fun ★★

Accommodation: Five Flowers Special Two Pearls or Shangri-La or similar

Breakfast: included

Lunch: take care of yourself

Dinner: please take care of yourself



Chaoan Teddy Bear Museum (Children's Heart) ~ Beach ~ Jeju Ice Sculpture Hall + 3D Hall + 5D Movie + Ice Cup Graffiti Show ~ Cosmetic Duty Free Shop ~ Korean Ginseng Public Sales Bureau

Go after breakfast

[Teddy Bear Museum] (about 40 minutes) Here is a collection of limited edition teddy bears from all over the world, first-class teddy bear design and superb production technology, while experiencing the visual feast, it seems to be back to that innocence Years

[Beaching beach] (about 90 minutes) There is crystal clear sea water like emerald color, beautiful scenery, like a wonderful watercolor painting

[Seaweed Museum + Kimchi Making + Hanbok Experience] (approximately 45 minutes) Seaweed is a favorite food of every family in Korea. It has been deeply integrated into the lives of Koreans and they will make a variety of different flavors

[Jeju Ice Sculpture Hall + 3D Hall + 5D Movie + Ice Cup Making] (About 30 minutes) The white sand and blue waters of Woljeongri Beach make up a beautiful picture, and it is also a photography resort recommended by many senior tourists. Combined with the right time and place, there are also some romantic seaside cafes here, which has become another reason to come to Yuetingli.

[Cosmetics Store] (about 60 minutes), go to the ladies’ favorites, learn about basic skin care and maintenance, choose to buy skin care products that suit you, or buy them as souvenirs for family and friends.

[Korean Ginseng Store] (About 60 minutes) Drive to a very famous ginseng store in Korea to visit and shop. Learn about its growth, processing and special techniques, and understand the different effects of various types of ginseng.

[Graffiti Show] (not less than 80 minutes) The graffiti show combines the process of painting through a non-verbal art performance combining a relaxed and lively comedy mime with wonderful dances. Through more than 10 kinds of art techniques, Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, and Superman Wait for the heroes to be reborn on the stage.

Accommodation: Five Flowers Special Two Pearls or Shangri-La or similar

Breakfast: included

Lunch: Korean hot pot

Dinner: please take care of yourself



Reference flight: 9C8624 07:25-08:30 The actual flight is subject to the departure notice

Assemble at the hotel at the designated time, go to the airport for check-in, and take an international flight back home

Breakfast: take care of yourself

Chinese food: self care

Dinner: please take care of yourself

**The above itinerary and meal order will be adjusted according to flight time or weather, please understand**

Quote includes

Transportation: Hangzhou-Jeju and Jeju-Hangzhou economy class tickets, local tourist vehicles.

Accommodation: 4 nights in Jeju Island Hotel

Meals: The whole journey includes 3 breakfasts and 3 dinners. Breakfasts are all in-hotel breakfasts. Lunch and dinner are all Korean specialties. They will take care of their own meals in accordance with international conventions for plane transfers and airport waiting. All meals are confirmed before leaving the group. If they are automatically given up after leaving the group, the meal fee will not be refunded. Please inform the relevant staff when registering. Our agency will try our best to arrange it for you.

Tickets: The first ticket to the attractions listed in the itinerary. All tickets are confirmed before the tour. If you do not participate after the tour due to your own reasons, the fee will not be refunded. Please understand.

Tour guide: full driver guide service

Quote does not include

Passport cost: 160 yuan/person/book.

Personal accident insurance, for the happiness of you and your family, it is recommended to purchase personal accident insurance.

Shopping and other personal consumption.

For domestic traffic, you need to take care of yourself to and from the airport.

All expenses incurred in the need to change the itinerary due to third party reasons or due to force majeure (including but not limited to natural disasters, flight delays or cancellations, train or ship failures due to traffic accidents, road blockages, etc.).

Luggage handling fees, storage fees and excess weight fees, and all personal consumption during the journey (such as hotel laundry, telephone, TV premium channels, drinks, etc.).

Single room. Due to single men, single women, or guests requesting one room per person, the difference in single room needs to be paid: RMB 1,000/full journey


Shopping Guide

Arrangement at own expense: generally in the form of a package, you can choose whether to participate according to your needs, and there is no mandatory consumption.

A: Barbecue meal (350 RMB/person)

B: Graffiti Show (350 RMB/person)

C: Submarine (400 RMB/person)

D: Seafood meal (400 RMB/person)

Note: ⑴. For self-funded projects, when the number of participants is insufficient, the trip may not be possible or the fees will be adjusted accordingly.

       ⑵. There is no discount at your own expense for those who hold senior certificate, military officer certificate, tour guide certificate, student ID and other documents.

Single room and child charges

Children 2-12 years old do not occupy the same price as the size of the bed, an additional 800 yuan per person for the bed; 900 yuan for infants under 2 years old (no seat)

Single room difference: 1000 yuan/person


(1) In the event of manpower majeure, such as weather, traffic delays, wars, strikes, etc., the travel agency can change the itinerary to avoid and reduce the personal and property losses of tourists;

(2) If the flight time changes, the company will notify the contracted tourists with the "Notice of Departure". In case of special circumstances in the itinerary, our company can adjust the sequence of the itinerary according to the actual situation after obtaining the consent of the guests without reducing the attractions

(3) Due to natural disasters and force majeure factors, the guest will be postponed to return to the country, and the hotel expenses and other expenses incurred will be borne by the guest;

(4) The meals and tickets listed in the itinerary after leaving the group are automatically given up if the guests do not go; because the products are at a discounted package price, the elderly, soldiers, children, etc. will no longer enjoy the ticket discount;

(5) The guest is refused entry by the customs of the local tourist destination due to his own reasons, and all losses arising therefrom will be borne by the guest;

(6) Please pay a prepayment of RMB 1,000 per person within two days after the reservation is confirmed to confirm the reservation. The balance shall be paid three working days before departure;

(7) If the following acts cause personal or property damage, the travel agency shall not be liable: war, hostile acts, all acts, armed conflicts, riots, riots, terrorist activities, etc. are not attributable to the tour operator and its auxiliary tourism services Objective reasons, and tourists’ own reasons;

(8) Attention to tourists: If you hold a passport outside of Mainland China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) to participate in a group or travel abroad, their visas and endorsements are self-care. Tourists holding Hong Kong or Taiwan passports must carry the Home Visit Permit (Reentry Permit) or Taiwan Compatriot Permit when leaving the country. If tourists apply for visas and endorsements on their own, all responsibilities and consequences arising from document problems during entry and exit shall be borne by the tourists themselves.

(9) For guests outside Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, a guarantee must be provided (Xiajiashe provides a clear guarantee letter with the company seal). For guests whose passport is issued in the three northeastern provinces, working and living in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, direct or agency guests , All the cash of 30,000 yuan to the company account, for the passport issuance and work life is not in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and customers, refused to accept!

(10) Once confirmed, you cannot withdraw from the group, if you want to withdraw from the group (including reschedulers):

·The prepayment will be cancelled 14 working days -30 working days before departure.

·3 working days before departure-14 working days to cancel 80% of the tour fee and fuel surcharge.

·Cancellation of 100% deduction of group fee and fuel surcharge within 3 working days before departure.

· Once the ticket is issued, no refund and no change

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