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High-speed Railway Huangling Sanqing Mountain Three-day Tour

1 Visit the world natural heritage, 5A tourist area, the first fairy mountain in the south of the Yangtze River-Sanqing Mountain;    

2 Crossing the ancient village on the thousand-year-old cliff, the most beautiful symbol in China-[Wuyuan Huangling]

3 Exploring the essence of Huizhou culture, inheriting the memory of Wuyuan folk custom-Mengli hometown performing arts town

Travel itinerary




After the high-speed rail to Shangrao in the morning, the staff will pick up the station and check into the hotel. You can also go to Shangrao concentration camp by yourself (by bus or Didi taxi). The Shangrao Concentration Camp is located in Maojialing, the southern suburb of Shangrao City. In March 1941, the Kuomintang reactionaries imprisoned more than 600 cadres of the New Fourth Army who failed to break through the Southern Anhui Incident, as well as more than 80 Communists, anti-Japanese youths and patriots arrested in the five southeast provinces in Qifengyan (Gaogan Confinement Room) in Maojialing. ), Zhoutian (hard labor camp), Li Village (higher softening institute) and other places, established a large-scale Shangrao concentration camp. Ye Ting, commander of the New Fourth Army, was locked in the confinement room of Qifengyan. Surrounding the Shangrao Concentration Camp, fences, barbed wire, and sentries were lined up with strict security, and an inner security circle was set up within 30 miles. The detained revolutionaries fought resolutely against the enemy and staged the famous Maojialing riot on May 25, 1942. In June 1942, when the Japanese army occupied Shangrao, the concentration camp moved to Fujian and passed through Chishi Town, Chong'an, Fujian. The detained revolutionary rioters staged a riot, which was known as the "Red Stone Riot" in history. In 1955, the People's Government built a cemetery of martyrs and a monument to the martyrs in Maojialing. The monument was engraved with the nine characters "Revolutionary Martyrs Immortal" inscribed by Zhou Enlai. It was rebuilt in 1980 and the Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall was established.

No meals




After breakfast, gather and drive to Wuyuan, the most beautiful village, to visit ancient villages, ancient buildings, native trees, terraced fields and flowers, and long-lost homes-National AAAA-level scenic spot-[Huangling] Qingshan to the evening and Xuancui, clear water and spring Near the threshold flow. The surrounding terraces are covered with white clouds. Known as "Tiyun Family". Huangling is the darling of nature. Surrounded by thousands of acres of terraced fields, it is pampered and pampered by various colors in the four seasons. If you don't pay attention, you will knock over the paint bucket, so it is almost full of red, fresh green, and bright yellow. Take the sightseeing ropeway up the mountain (the round-trip cable car fee is 120 yuan/person), friendly reminder: Huangling Scenic Spot must take the cable car up the mountain to visit. If you don’t take the ride, you will be given up to visit, and Huangling tickets will not be refunded; registration instructions! ) This is a Huizhou-style town with a history of more than 500 years. There are ancient streets and alleys between flowers, ancient buildings in Huizhou in black and white tones, aromatic coffee and rice milk, delicious and fragrant style snacks, and friendly and honest villagers. And the ubiquitous flowers, here is "Wuyuan Huangling Flower Town". In Huangling, flowers flooded the entire village. Whether it is the bright yellow rapeseed flowers or the white pear blossoms of Saixue; whether it is the brilliant peach blossoms or the cherry blossoms of Yingyingyu; whether it is the magnificent and dignified peonies, or the graceful purple bougainvillea. As long as time rolls out the picture in Huangling, here will naturally show the magical colors. Sitting alone in Youhuangling, time slows down here, and the heart to appreciate the beautiful scenery never gets tired. Strolling in the ancient alleys of Tianjie, the breeze is refreshing, the pansies on both sides of the road, the morning glory smile in the wind, and the creeper chasing the sun along the mottled walls. The afternoon sun shines on the ten thousand acres of terraced fields, which is peaceful and quiet. Ten thousand mu of rapeseed flower sea is a beautiful business card of Wuyuan Huangling Flower Town. At this time, magnolia, peach blossoms and rape blossoms are in full bloom. White magnolia, purple magnolia, and pink peach blossoms are set against golden rape blossoms, the color of the flower town Gradually gorgeous. When the pear blossoms press the branches, the 400-meter-long cherry blossoms will also be in full bloom, and the town of flowers will be vividly presented in front of everyone. If you like color, come to Huangling, you will definitely benefit a lot. Those colorful colors will always be imprinted in memory, and in the sea of thousands of mu of flowers, there will be more bright smiles like flowers. The colorful and comprehensive flowers and plants are dazzling and lingering for a long time. The idyllic landscape is poetic and picturesque. Every place is like an ink landscape painting, and every corner of Huangling is full of poetry. There are mountains and waters here, and there is a world of flowers! This is a small flower town in the south of the Yangtze River. This is Huangling! After the visit Wuyuan source of water eleven Shimenshan Canyon(Gift items, do not return if you have not visited), it is located at the foot of the Bighead Mountain at the junction of Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces, and shares the same landscape with the source of the Qianjiang River in Zhejiang . The Shimen Mountain Canyon is adjacent to the Huangling Scenic Area , with waterfalls, flowing springs, rugged rocks, deep canyons and cliffs like gates. It is a pure and primitive canyon scenery. Then return to Shangrao. Then return to Shangrao by car and check in to the hotel to rest.

Breakfast and dinner




 After breakfast, drive (approximately 1 hour by car) to the "unparalleled blessed land in the clear and chaotic world, high above the clouds and the first fairy peak in the south of the Hanjiang River"-[Sanqingshan Scenic Area], cable car (cableway 125 yuan / person must take care of yourself) up the mountain, sightseeing The best scenic spot for changing scenery [Nanqing Garden Scenic Area] (visiting time is about 2 hours). Nanqing Garden is the most exotic scenic spot in the natural landscape of Sanqing Mountain, with strange peaks and rocks, majestic mountains, magnificent sea of clouds, and rare flowers and trees all over it. Magical axe, giant pythons out of the mountain, goddess peak,... people are dizzying, Taoist remains, Penglai three immortals, the essence of nature. Visit [West Coast Scenic Area] (visit time about 3 hours) Sanqingshan plank road, Guanhuaiyu Mountain, Mazu Statue, Guanyin Gifting Child, Monkey King Xianbao, etc. [Sunshine Coast Scenic Spot] (visit time about 2 hours) stroll on the Sunshine Coast, Stepping on the clouds and wearing mist, it is like wandering in a fairyland. Looking around, you can see the magnificent landscapes such as the mountains and stone forests in the distance. Experience the coziness of "inviting pine into the scenery and alliance with stones as friends", the magnificence of the high-altitude plank road, and view the vast sea of clouds, sea of fog, sea of pine, sea of flowers and sea of stones. Go down the mountain by cable car, then return to Shangrao (about 1.5 hours by car) and send it to Shangrao High-speed Railway Station, where you will return to your warm home by car.

Reminder: In order for you to return to your warm home smoothly, please be sure to purchase the high-speed rail after 18:00


Quotation includes items:

1. Accommodation: 2 nights quasi-four-star hotel accommodation (see the reference hotel in the itinerary or stay at a hotel not lower than the above hotel grade for the standard);

Note: In response to the national environmental protection policy, Wuyuan Hotel does not provide disposable toiletries, please bring your own!

Warm reminder: Due to geographical reasons, the star-level standard of hotels in local scenic spots cannot be compared with hotels of the same level in big cities, please understand!

2. Group meals: (including 2 breakfasts and 1 dinner, dinner for ten people, eight dishes and one soup, the number of dishes will be adjusted accordingly if the number of people is reduced);

3. Tickets for attractions in the itinerary: Sanqingshan Grand Ticket, Wuyuan Single Count;

4. Car: a local tourist car (guaranteed one seat for one person);

5. Guide service: including local guide service fee; (Shangrao station pick-up);

Reference hotel: Shangrao: (quasi) Jiangnan Pearl/Shangrao Tianlun Hotel   

The above itinerary is for reference only, the tour guide reserves the right to adjust the tour order according to the itinerary without reducing the attractions

Special note: According to the regulations of the Ministry of Railways, children with a height of 1.2 meters or less need to make up for a half-ticket of 170 yuan (including booking fees) for children with a height of 1.2-1.5 meters.


180 yuan/person (check-out adults and children will take care of their own breakfast)


1. Due to the regulations of the Ministry of Railways: Since 2011, the real-name system has been implemented in the train. Please provide accurate ID information for our company to purchase tickets. If the name or ID information is wrong and the guest cannot get on the train, our company will not bear the loss! Please tell the guests to pay special attention! Please tell the guests to bring their ID card when leaving the group.

2. Please forgive me for the change or decrease of tourist attractions caused by force majeure! Only responsible for refunding the difference in team price, but not responsible for the losses and liabilities caused thereby.

3. During the travel itinerary, please be sure to gather at the time and place designated by the tour guide, so as not to damage the rights and interests of other tourists in the same group. During free activities, please pay special attention to your personal and property safety!

special reminder:

1. The dining taste is different from north to south. Jiangxi food is salty and spicy. You can bring some local snacks or appetizers if convenient;

2. The sharp bends of the scenic roads may cause motion sickness; the green ratio is high, so there are insects such as mosquitoes; tourists are requested to bring their own common medicines for emergency needs (such as motion sickness medicine, cooling oil, Huoxiang Zhengqi water, etc.);

3. When taking a Jingjiao bus, you should take your belongings with you every time you get off the bus. If it is lost, it is difficult to retrieve it. Please take good care of your valuables to prevent theft. Check your luggage before leaving the accommodation to avoid traveling Temporarily busy and lost items;

4. At the scenic spot, pay attention to all consumption and activities. Be careful and be deceived. If you have any questions, you can consult the tour guide. You can freely move around in the scenic spot at night. It is best to go with a partner before traveling and avoid traveling alone;

5. Jiangxi scenic spots are all five-A-level scenic spots or world heritage sites. Please take care of environmental sanitation and do not damage scenic resources. Please smoke in smoking areas where smoking is allowed;

6. Before climbing, middle-aged, elderly and chronically ill patients should have a comprehensive physical examination to avoid accidents; Lushan, Jinggangshan, Sanqingshan, and Longhushan are all mountain climbing attractions. Elderly people over the age of please follow the advice of their families when traveling. If there is a personal physical problem, the guest is responsible for it;

7. Patients suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease should bring medicines and drinking water with them in case of urgent need. It is not advisable to act alone. It is recommended that tourists suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, excessive drinking, and the elderly over 70 should avoid taking the cable car as much as possible Up and down the mountain

8. The prices of scenic spots in various places are generally slightly higher than those in the urban areas, and you may encounter fakes when buying things from small vendors, so please prepare them before going out to avoid buying in scenic spots;

9. Lightly dress up the mountain. It is advisable to wear hiking shoes, cloth shoes, and sneakers. Wear leather shoes and plastic-soled shoes are easy to fall. Do not wear leather shoes or high-heeled shoes. Bring less luggage, so as not to consume too much physical strength and affect the climbing. Walk in the "Z" shape, which is labor-saving and easy. The radiation on the mountain is strong, so pay attention to sun protection;

10. The mountain is steep and the road is steep. It is advisable to walk slowly when traveling in the mountains. Do not overspeed. For safety reasons, you must "walk without looking at the scenery, and without walking when looking at the scenery";

11. When visiting, you should follow the tour guide, take care of each other, and don't climb high climbing risks alone;

12. When taking pictures on high and dangerous mountain peaks, the photographer should not move after choosing the angle, especially not back, in case of accidents;

13. Don't climb the peak when it rains, don't hold the iron chain with your hands, and don't shelter from the rain under the tree to prevent lightning strikes;

14. The bathroom floor is slippery. Please do anti-slip work in the bathroom: prepare anti-slip mats or bath towels! To prevent slipping and falling; in addition, please use the sitting toilet correctly to prevent accidents!

15. During the local tourist season, there will be traffic jams, crowded attractions, and restaurants waiting. The tour guide will negotiate with the tourists to adjust the tour order of the tour items. Please understand and cooperate! "

17. Our agency will notify tourists of the departure time and location and the tour guide's mobile phone number by phone and SMS at around 6 pm the day before the tour.

Departure date: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Price: Adult: 1180 yuan/person     

Children: 458 yuan/person (including local parking fees, guide service fees, and half-meal meals)

Children’s price does not include breakfast, accommodation, tickets, and train tickets)



This itinerary needs to be stamped by the travel agency as an attachment to the contract, otherwise it is for reference only! When signing the contract, I have read all of them in detail, agree to all the contents of this itinerary, and abide by the travel agency's arrangements!

Date of signing: Year Month Day Signature of Tourist Representative:             

¥ 458~1180
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