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Fall in love with grassland & sea

[Fall in love with grassland & sea]

EATOPIA French Riviera - North Dai He Chengde ORCHARD Ulan Buh prairie - Gol - Beijing North Prairie

Boutique double-flying 6-day tour


Exclusive and exclusive Internet celebrity on the Côte d’Azur 2 nights in a 180-degree sea-view large house for 1 night with a local five-star vacancy rate 20% whole Mongolian roasted whole lamb  Geert wedding banquet


Exclusive resources:

EATOPIA Blue Coast, Hawaii in the east , a family vacation habitat;

A well-known domestic investment and financing group (HK.03377) Sino-Ocean Group invested heavily; it has a coastline of 2.8 kilometers;

Sit and enjoy the highest quality beaches in northern China and the rare ocean scenery in the world , which is the largest in Beidaihe District;

The tourism and vacation complex with the highest investment and the most complete facilities makes every adult and child who arrives amazed and linger;

Exclusive to Wenzhou designer line

Exclusive exclusive:

Exclusive 1: 1 trip, 2 big bonfires , 3 large grasslands, no fear of raining and cloudy, no regrets;

Exclusive 2: 2 nights at a 180-degree sea view hotel on the Côte d’Azur + 1 night at a five-star hotel + 2 nights at a business hotel (in the scenic area) with children’s breakfast;

North North Holiday: Ctrip 4.5 Diamond "Children of Xixi" sister hotel of the same level, push the window to see the sea, 5 minutes walk from the beach,

Room 53㎡ towels, bath towels, bathrobes, hair dryers, slippers, 55-inch LCD network TV, air conditioning, multimedia broadband internet, minibar, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

Exclusive 3: Internet celebrities- the largest and only Maokong in the north facing the sea You can see the sea when you look up. If you sit on the terrace, you can even hear the sound of the waves. 

Exclusive 4: Stay at the seaside for 2 nights without moving the nest, seaside train, BLUEPINK, Central Park, children’s treasure hunting park, idyllic pastoral, trestle walk, sunrise watching, jungle adventure, alpaca, pony, rabbit feeding, trampoline, Seesaws, pirate ships, rock climbing slopes, slides, zip lines, sea swings, beach chairs and umbrellas, beach bars, cinemas;

Exclusive experience:

Experience 1: A real whole charcoal roasted whole lamb , without playing the side ball, not playing with small concepts, and enjoying the lamb opening ceremony;

Experience 2: In the Pigeon Nest Park, sailing boats go out to sea for 120 yuan/person, VIP channel 0 waiting, sea rising sail teaching to feed seabirds;

Experience 3: Internet celebrity punching the card, the only dining place in the pigeon nest park- sea restaurant , sea view, delicious eating-abalone fishing

Experience 4: Khan Palace Mongolian Khan Tent- Geert wedding banquet, watching the Mongolian bride and groom get married, having a wedding banquet, drinking wine, and watching folk performances;

Experience 5: Ulan Buddhism Night 150 ( Hukulun flash obo meet , LiveHouse bar, bonfire DJ party, large-scale firework show, intangible cultural heritage hitting trees and flowers)

Experience 6: Go to the only fee-paying grassland in Bashang, do not play word games, Ulan Butong Prairie -China's most beautiful European-style scenery, China's film and television location, China's photography base;

Wenzhou independent group of over 25 people sent out every day

Price: RMB 2580/person  

Departure time: June 1/3/6/8/10/13/15/17/19/21/24/26/28/30 Departure



Understand the journey in seconds (in Beidaihe-back to Beijing)



D1 day

Arrive in Beidaihe, the national leader's health care base, to experience the beautiful coastal scenery.

\ \ \


D2 days

Refuse to get up early to play SEATOPI , an online celebrity place, all day long , and enjoy in-depth play without clocking in (see itinerary)

Early \ \ 


3 days

Pigeon Nest 25 , Bird Museum, private beach with sea view lunch, sailing out to sea 120, summer resort 130 ,

Morning, noon and night


4 days

Charm Bashang , the most beautiful Ulan Buddhism is 120 yuan , the depth of the grassland off-road vehicle , the Mongolian roasted whole lamb bonfire party

Early Middle School\

On the dam

5 days

Mongolian folk entertainment experience, Duolunmanao local products exhibition center, and went to Beijing North Prairie Fengning first big beach ;

Early Middle School\

Feng Ning

6 days

After breakfast, take a bus to Beijing to send off the group at an appropriate time. End the trip and return to the warm home;

Early \ 

Detailed itinerary ]

D1 day

Beidaihe across the country


Accommodation: Beidaihe

Highlights: [Seaside City-Beidaihe] [Blue Coast Sea View House] [Open-air Cinema]

08:00 With a good mood, meet up with friends, accompany your family and laugh all the way to the only city named after the emperor—Qinhuangdao by high-speed rail. After staying in the hotel, you can go sightseeing on your own;

When night falls, you can go to enjoy the private beach, blow the sea breeze, watch the stars, and then go to the open-air cinema on the beach to watch a different movie under the stars. Is it romantic? You can also go to the tavern. It is also very comfortable to have a drink. The beach, the bar, watching the sea, listening to the waves, blowing air, and tasting wine are all in one. The soul and the body must be on the road to experience the real leisure fun;

Pick Logo: Fun in Chengde flag pick-up location: Beidaihe  

He said Ming: please keep the phone clear signal, one day staff will contact you in advance, please rest assured that travel as planned;    

Reminder: When you check in, the front desk will give you an exclusive voucher for play guides and enjoyment. This voucher can be used to enter the private beach and take the small traffic in the scenic spot for free. Please keep it;

Designated hotel Beibei Hotel, where business and childishness coexist , a large sea-view house, complete washing facilities for children, high-quality decoration, a good night’s sleep, buffet breakfast

D2 days

Côte d'Azur full day

Meal: Breakfast \\

Accommodation: Beidaihe

Highlights: [ music to enjoy exclusive resources - net red punch Holy Land - city cat Sky, Forest Creek golf, private is a sandy beach, seaside swing, into the sea bridge, the small seaside train ] [Central Park] [Children's treasure hunt Le Park] [pastoral] 【Jungle Adventure】

Full day: can not afford early - swim slowly 

Sleep to wake up naturally, to the cafeteria to eat a leisurely breakfast, stroll in the vast expanse of the sea, transform a different color, white sandy, salty sea breeze blowing, the wind picked a beat is INS large, love with love (Battery cars circulate in the park and can be used free of charge at each station according to the map)

How to play A

Pastoral Pastoral ] A small farm where cute things are gathered. There are cute pets such as star animals alpaca, pony, rabbit, goat, etc. You can feed the alpaca by yourself, interact and take photos with these cute animals;

[The trestle bridge into the sea ] The trestle bridge into the sea on the blue coast is the longest trestle bridge into the sea in Qinhuangdao City. Walking on the trestle bridge, watching the sea from the sea, feeling the grace of the sea from zero distance, meditating in the depths of the sea, leaving behind the wind and clouds;

Central Park ] This is a natural oxygen bar that perfectly combines the forest and the sea. There are crazy playgrounds, jungle adventure parks, starry tree houses and weddings. Meet golf at the corner, and friends who are interested in it can experience it on their own;

Maokong City ] The bookstore is surrounded by a sea of purple flowers. If those who like art choose Beibei Coffee, those who love reading will choose Maokong. A bookstore warms a city. You can also slap cats daily, send postcards "Send to the Future" on a selected day to leave a thought for yourself, enjoy the present and feel the future;

[Seaside Train] (Gift) When you are tired, you can take a small train and walk around the coastline, that is another experience;

How to play B

[Wetland Park] A hundred years of different kinds of creatures, seagulls, wild ducks, nutrias, and people are neighbors, forming a "new community" on the coast; next to the wetland is an outdoor infinity pool, friends who like it can experience it on their own, and shoot the net in minutes Red photo

Private Beach ] Tell others about the sea of people, our exclusive private beach on the Gold Coast. The sand is collected from the deep sea. It is very delicate and small. Stepping on it is like stepping on a soft and comfortable carpet and lying on the beach. Lazy to enjoy the sun, you can also experience the pleasure brought by an unpowered sailing boat on your own;

Seaside Swing ] Does the seaside swing make your girl’s heart burst? Swinging on the swing can really make people feel very comfortable, blowing the sea breeze, swinging on the swing, and feeling that the whole person’s worries have disappeared;

Treasure Hunting Park ] Children’s Treasure Hunting Park combines the theme of ocean adventures, with children as the main body. There are trampolines, seesaws, pirate ships, rock climbing slopes, and various slides of different lengths and shapes. Everyone can come here. The children laughed loudly and joyfully;

Between the lines ] In the jungle surrounded by greenery, the library built by the lotus pond has built an independent and private diverse space, where people can enjoy various reading, and can also quietly copy the scriptures during the process of copying the scriptures. It allows you to train patience and self-cultivation;

Reminder : The sunrise time on the sea in June is generally around 4:20 (according to the query of the day) Recommended gourmet restaurants: Xixi Restaurant, Yunxuan Restaurant, Beibei Food Center, etc.

Designated hotel Beibei Hotel, where business and childishness coexist , a large sea-view house, complete washing facilities for children, high-quality decoration, a good night’s sleep, buffet breakfast


3 days

Chengde, Beidaihe (210 kilometers, about 3-4 hours)

Meal: morning, lunch and evening

Accommodation: Chengde

Highlights: [Pigeon Nest Park - private beach, sailing out to sea, bird museum, summer resort museum ]

08:00 [Pigeon Nest Park] (including 25 yuan , about 2 hours )

Beidaihe is the best place to watch the sea and tide, and is known as the "Mecca" for bird watching. In the Pigeon Square, you can buy some food for pigeons and interact with the pigeons. (The pigeons look good, so take care of the little animals). From the Eagle Point Pavilion, watch the sea, watch the fishing sails on the sea, and feel the heroic spirit of Chairman Mao's [waves washing sand]. The private beach distributes small sand buckets and small sand shovel to the children, catch the sea together, pick up shellfish, learn the sea breeze, gently blow by the side, and quietly feel the pleasant time of the journey.

[Sailing sailing out to sea] (120 yuan gift) , in the pigeon nest park, exclusive VIP channels do not queue up, get out of the waves, and have zero distance contact with the sea.

      [Tsundere Museum] A limited-visit bird museum, touch screen linkage for all-round bird watching, and interactive bird knowledge questions and answers, see how much you know.

(In case of force majeure such as the closure of the museum, the tour will be cancelled according to the situation, please understand)

10:30 [Seascape lunch] The sea restaurant in the pigeon nest park, the beach sea view lunch, the ebb and flow of the tide, the double enjoyment of deliciousness and sentiment.

11:30 Drive to the historical and cultural city-the emperor's back garden-Zisai Pearl-Chengde;

15:00 [Mountain Resort] (about 2-3 hours including 130 yuan )

Taking the simple and elegant mountain villages as the style, taking the true colors of the natural mountains and rivers, and absorbing the scenery of the south and north of the Yangtze River, it is the epitome of the territory of the Qing Dynasty. Why is it called "Modern Jurassic Park"? Why does the palace emit a strange fragrance? Why can I see the sun and the moon during the day? And why is there a mysterious river still flowing quietly in the cold winter? Let us step into the Royal Garden with this question to explore these unknown secrets. You can choose to take the scenic mountain bike (60 yuan/person), shuttle through the mountains and forests, isolate the heat, enjoy the coolness, and see the whole view of the villa;.

18:30 team dinner

Hotel arrangement: local business hotel, complete room facilities, buffet breakfast

4 days

Hotel Bashang-Mulan Paddock Ulan Butong Prairie (240 kilometers, about 4 hours)

Meal: breakfast and lunch\

Accommodation: Dam above

Highlights: [Bashang Grassland, Mulan Paddock, Grassland Deep Cross Country, Ulan Butong Grassland, Starry Night ]

we promise:

Don’t be shoddy, don’t play sideballs, just play the real grassland -Ulan Butong Prairie 120 yuan , the only fee-paying grassland in Bashang area, the most beautiful and European style in China

The designated base for scenery and grassland, photography, and film and television shooting (not Yudaokou, not Duolun, not Fengning Beach, conscience tourism, start from me).

07 30 [Kang-Qian Local Specialty Supermarket] You can freely buy local local specialties and souvenirs in Chengde to bring your family a heart. (About 40 minutes)

[Bashang Grassland-Ulan Buttery] (including 120 yuan)

Passing by the spiritual birthplace of Saihanba, passing through the villages of indigenous herders in Inner Mongolia, visiting [Wolf Totem] [Miyue Biography] [Ruyi's Legend] [Jedi Escape] and many other large filming locations, you can't see the blue sky and white clouds at a glance. The meadows of flowers, the herds surrounded by small rivers, and the villages accompanied by Obao, you will understand why it is called [Photographer's Hometown] [Photographer's Creation Base], and why photography enthusiasts are constantly in droves. This is the magical and beautiful Ulan Butong Prairie. How long have you not seen the sky full of stars? How long have you not heard natural sounds? This trip to the grassland will satisfy all your fantasies about the grassland!

0【Team lunch】

we promise:

Do not violate the tourism law, operate legally, protect consumer rights and interests, and protect the interests of consumers. For in-depth off-road sightseeing in the grasslands, we only use the official Ulan Warrior Red

Color off-road vehicles, complete qualification procedures and insurance, if there is a violation, 10,000 yuan will be paid on the spot. Welcome to supervise customer service phone 400 117 4117

14 Beiqi Warriors regular grassland off-road vehicle in-depth tour] ( Jingjia pays 380 yuan, voluntary at own expense 4 hours, reservation required one day in advance)

Get off the bus to the grassland, go deep into the hinterland of the grassland and see the most beautiful grassland scenery. [Natural scenery] Dream of the grassland, Aobao Mountain, watching the Ulan Butong ancient battlefield

Peaks, Hunshandake Sands, Love of White Birch, Huanghuagou, Ulan Gonghe, Valley of Lovers, Beacon Tower; [Prairie Folk Customs] Mongolian Chariot Camp, Camel

Xiangzi, Ertenai’s home visit, cattle, sheep and horses; [Characteristic experience] Wading, sanding, cute pet paradise, grassland wild di, mountain swing, bow shooting

Sculpture, grassland sketching, parent-child ranch (clothing, football, tug-of-war, kite flying, scarecrow, toe board, etc.)

0 Dinner will be taken care of by yourself.

20 : 00 [ Ulan Buh Night ] (gift)

[1] Get off the horse wine, present Hada, colorful light show, starry sky firework show, non-genetic inheritance tree flowers, blooming starry sky, bright and colorful;

[2] "Night Tour of Hongji Tribe"-delicious, fun and beautiful, reproduces the grand occasion of Mongolian Nadam, Mongolian culture flashes, Mongolian grabbing friends, drunkards, intangible cultural heritage production, camel merchants, street performing arts flashing matouqin, Mongolian Uliger performance;

[3] "Aobao Meet" is a must-see love epic drama on the grassland. The powerful director Batu teacher and the screenwriter Qiqige are devoted to the huge production. The grassland under the stars is beautiful and beautiful, ups and downs, thrilling, and cannot be in this life. Forget

[4] "The Shaman Sacrifice Fire Praying Ceremony", in a shaman-specific way, pray for yourself, for your family, and for all living beings;

[5] "Star Campfire DJ Show" A different bonfire, Mongolian band, heavy metal playing wild, DJ playing DJ, Mongolian girl playing with you, releasing the pressure and screaming together;

[6] "LiveHouse Bar" pure Mongolian bar, Mongolian costume show Mongolian band resident singing and dancing performance , music, daze, drinking,

Looking up at the starry sky, talking and laughing about life, young people gathering places, Internet celebrities punching in, and feeling different prairie bars .

Note: Before June 20th is a fire prevention period, the bonfire party will be held after the 21st, please be informed; the gift items will be cancelled due to weather and other reasons, and the fee will not be refunded)

Hotel arrangement: Prairie Business Hotel, independent bathroom, 24 hours hot water, comfortable sleep.

5 days

Xilin Gol , No. 1 National Landscape Avenue, BashangThe first grassland in North Beijing is about 3 hours

Meal: breakfast and lunch \

Accommodation: Fengning                    

Highlights: [Hongjila tribe, National No.1 Landscape Avenue, Beijing No.1 Grassland, Xilin Gol-Duo Lun Nuoer ]

08 Hongjila Tribe] ( 380 yuan, voluntary at your own expense , about 3 hours)

Mongolian Folk Customs Area:【1】Dismount the horse wine and present Hada-welcome VIPs

[2] Sacrifice to Aobao Mountain-Make a wish and blessing

[3] Mongolian small class-learning Mongolian-listening to the daily life of Mongolians

[4] Visit to Aotgen’s house-drink milk tea, see how to make beef jerky, communicate with Mongolian elderly

[5] Mongolian handicrafts-woodwork, leather goods, felt painting production

[6] Mongolian Blacksmith's Shop-Mongolian Knives and Saddles

[7] Ama's Handicraft Workshop-straw grasshoppers and flower hats.

Grassland Interactive Zone: [8] Run the Little Sheep-Racing the Sheep Race

[9] Little Bart Playground-Hanging a bottle, building a yurt, flying a kite, playing sheep, swinging, seesaw

[10] Wulanqiqige’s Bar-Mongolian Books, Luqi, Mongolian Music

[11] Zipline, net red bridge-reappearing innocence

【12】Mongolian costume photo-being a Mongolian bride, being a Mongolian prince, teaching Mongolian dance

[13] Who is the archer-Adachi, Archery, Catapult, Siege Hammer, Rocket Car

【14】Wuhu Paradise-feeding of cubs such as cows, horses, goats, sheep, and camels.

Special viewing area: [15] "Anthem of Ancient Warfare" Mongolian song and dance equestrian performance, visual feast;

[16] Colorful Flower Sea-0 distance to embrace nature;

Prairie cruise area: [17] Lele car cruise-prince travel;

[18] Camel team parade-border trade exchange, sheepskin exchange for tea.

11:00 Visit [Barracks Town Supply and Marketing Cooperative] to learn about the lifestyle of the educated youth in the border

12:00 [Geert] wedding feast - to create an exclusive palace of Khan, the Mongolian bride dressed, dance with dinner (Horse Head Fiddle, Mongolian long-tune, Lucky Sambo)

14:00 Along the National No.1 Landscape Avenue, Xiaoluan River Wetland Park, Royal Drinking Horse Station , visit [Stone Appreciation Agate Base] (approximately 40 minutes later ) to the No. 1 Grassland in North Beijing-Big Beach, passing by the second largest in China Grassland Xilin Gol prairie , arrived in Fengning

: 00 Dinner at your own expense

Hotel arrangement local five-star hotel, new Chinese courtyard garden style, open windows and grassland, Chinese and Western buffet breakfast. Gift [Enjoy Night] Bonfire party, let you enjoy it once (in case of rain and special weather cancellation, please be aware)

6 days

Beijing North First Grassland, Beijing 260KM, about 3-4 hours, Beijing and the whole country

Meal: Breakfast \\

Accommodation: None                     

Highlights: Capital of China-Beijing

: 00 Breakfast After traveling to Beijing ended Take a good trip back to the warm home. This is a perfect trip. I saw the scenery, ate food, learned knowledge, experienced entertainment, met friends , and gained happiness Remember to tell your family and friends after you go back , share what you see, hear, and feel. No regrets on this trip!


1. The speed is limited in the northern mountainous area. The south station is in Beijing’s South Second Ring Road and is prone to traffic jams. It does not prevent everyone from leaving early . If you reach the station smoothly, please wait and understand;

2. The order of sending to the station is to send the plane first and then the train. If there are few people on the plane, the driver will arrange separate vehicles along the way as the case may be. Boarding passes need to be processed by oneself, and all return tickets are appropriate after 15:00;

3. The Bashang grassland is a high-altitude area. If occasional vomiting, diarrhea, and fever are normal, please inform the tour guide in time; the scenery inside the scenic spot is not recommended at your own expense, and the local produce supermarket is not a shopping store. Please make reasonable consumption according to your own situation.

Fee includes ]

[Transportation] Wenzhou round-trip tickets to and from Beijing cannot be changed and cannot be refunded , and the local full-time regular tour bus (seats are not arranged in order, priority is given to the young and old, subject to the assignment of the tour guide)

[Stay] 5 night full Business Hotel Twin   liters / 1 night 2 nights ocean view local five-star hotel

 Reference Hotel: Bashang, Duolan Holiday Hotel, Lingyun Hotel, Kailin Holiday Hotel, Tianlai Hotel, Mongolia Daying, Alata Holiday Hotel, or similar

           Beidaihe: Living with sea view, blue coast

           Fengning Zhaofeng International Hotel Bashang

【Dining】A total of 5 mornings and 4 hours

 10 people, 1 table with 10 dishes and 1 soup in Chengde, 8 dishes and 1 soup in the grassland; no refunds for meals without alcohol; 

[Attractions] The first ticket to the attractions listed in the itinerary;

[Guide Service] Excellent local Chinese tour guide service;

[Others] Voluntary at your own expense, no package, no cancellation, no compulsory, there is a penalty of ten;

Expenses not included ] The quotation includes all other expenses outside of that.

Registration Instructions 


Elderly people: Special offer is non-refundable during the tour period, please understand;


Fees below 1.2 meters: including destination dining, full travel car usage, and comprehensive service fees. Please take care of others;

[ Room difference ]

Single room difference: June 500 special group off-plan room difference can only be made up and not refunded, please know


Gifts and upgrades are provided by our agency free of charge. Due to weather or manpower irresistible reasons, they have the right to make adjustments and cancellations. No refund will be given to those who do not participate. The designated hotel

Please understand in case of government expropriation and exchange of high-end hotels of the same level;


1) The special tour period is non-refundable;

2) Without reducing the number of attractions, the tour guide has the right to adjust the order of the itinerary according to the actual situation, please cooperate;

3) Customer complaints are evidenced by the feedback form filled in the local area. If there are complaints or suggestions, the local area will propose a solution. Return complaints will not be accepted;

4) Please fill in the opinion form carefully, and provide your valuable opinions on the reception, tour guide and driver services, so that our agency can improve the quality of service in a timely manner;

5) The hotel is a local standard double standard room. The economy is relatively backward and cannot be equal to that in developed areas. The grassland has no air conditioning, the dining quality is not high, and there are differences in tastes between the north and the south. It is recommended to choose business standard registration, please understand;

6) 24-hour toll-free service hotline: 400 117 4117   If you encounter any problems during your trip, please call us and we will solve them as soon as possible;


Activity item

proposed price

Activity time

Play index (recommended)

Meng Gu Tribal Quest

380 yuan/person

About 2-3 hours


Scenic spot

Warriors regular grassland off-road vehicle

380 yuan/person (in- depth tour )

About 4 hours



¥ 2580
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