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Eight day tour of Russia's two capitals + Royal Manor (visa free)



Assembly time

21:00 p.m. on August 13, 2019 (please be sure to arrive on time and keep the phone unblocked for the leader to contact!)

Collection place

Gather in gate 2, departure floor, 3 / F, terminal 2, Nanjing Lukou International Airport (the specific centralized mark point shall be subject to the advance notice of the team leader)

airline company

Aifei Airlines (F7 Nanjing)

Flight schedule

F7-9546 August 14 NKG Nanjing VKO Moscow 0045 0515

F7-9503 August 16 VKO Moscow led St. Petersburg 0810 0940

F7-9545 August 20 VKO Moscow - NKG Nanjing 0915 2305

Note: please be sure to use the flight according to the flight order listed in the ticket. If you give up not taking the flight in the first paragraph, the whole ticket will be invalid and cannot be used. (time difference: Russian time is 5 hours slower than Beijing time)

Tour guide information

Team leader: Ms. Wu Chunyan domestic Tel: 13535354583

Overseas Tel.: + 8613535354583 ‬

Call the local mobile phone number of Russia 890 million at home and abroad (change 8 to + 79 million 000

Or change to 0079 million)

Reception sign

"Enjoy Russia" blue flag



Travel to Russia

Emergency contact: Li Yang Tel: 15000147289 (overseas call + 8615000147289)

Cui Longyang Tel: 18646027234

Address of the Chinese Embassy in the Russian Federation: No.6 friendship Street, Moscow

Tel: 007-499-1431540

Fax: 007-495-9561169

Consulate General of Chinese Embassy in Russia (Moscow) Tel: 007-9636201852

Address of Chinese Consulate General in St. Petersburg: 134 riverside street, goriboyedov, St. Petersburg

Tel: 007-499-7137605

Fax: 007-499-7147958

Ministry of foreign affairs global consular protection and service emergency call center Tel. + 86-10-12308 or + 86-10-59913991


Tourists are required to carry the original valid passport with the validity of more than half a year (the defaced, cancelled or reported lost passport is invalid) for entry and exit. The original passport is the only entry-exit document. If you forget or issue an invalid passport which is not recognized by the frontier inspection, or the guest does not bring his / her passport, all the losses incurred shall be borne by the holder himself / herself!

The team visa free list is only applicable to China's private passport holders. Guests must be accompanied by group tours.

[collection tips]

1. According to the regulations of the airline, no refund is allowed after the ticket is issued. If the guest fails to leave as scheduled after the ticket is issued, all losses shall be borne by the guest;

2. If the guest's passport is not in our club, he / she must take his / her own passport; if the guest fails to leave the country due to forgetting to bring his / her passport, the responsibility shall be borne by the guest himself / herself;

3. Guests who are not Chinese passport are requested to apply for visa or confirm whether visa is free or not, and confirm that they have valid visa and residence certificate for entering and leaving China for many times. Visitors holding Hong Kong and Macao blue skin Special Administrative Region (SAR) passports are required to bring home permits for entry and exit. Visitors holding Hong Kong's "Ci" and "Di" (certificate of identity) or Chinese passport with the right of permanent residence in other countries are required to apply for a visa.

4. You'd better arrive at the outbound city one day in advance, in order to prevent the weather and other uncertain factors from delaying your trip! Passengers of international flights must check in at the airport 3 hours in advance with their passports. If they fail to gather at the appointed time and place due to their own reasons and miss the departure time, all losses incurred can only be borne by you;

5. If the guest changes or cancels the reservation or leaves the tour temporarily, the itinerary will be cancelled five days before leaving the tour without refund. Cash, valuables and equipment carriers should not be placed in checked baggage to avoid loss. Please take your valuables with you during the tour to avoid losing them. We will not be responsible for the expenses incurred in case of loss.

6. China's airports handle boarding passes in the form of teams. The seat numbers of boarding passes are arranged by the computer system according to the phonetic prefix of the tourists' names. Therefore, if relatives or friends want to sit together, please exchange them with the tourists in this group on the plane.

[warm tips for preparation before leaving the country]

1. Before leaving the country, please arrive at the meeting place on time according to the time specified in the instructions and contact your team leader. This tour guide is sent to you by the group agency. It contains the meeting time, specific location (exit and entry hall, airport, terminal, gate number), and the telephone number of the tour leader and contact person at home and abroad. Please be sure to assemble on time and don't be late. A tourist team is a whole. It is not only impolite to affect the whole group due to one or two people being late, but it may also lead to their inability to leave the country. In this case, the tourists who are late shall bear all the responsibilities themselves.

2. Before leaving the country, please bring your own valid passport, which must be registered with the travel agency. The travel agency is not responsible for the failure of tourists to leave the country with expired or unregistered passports.

3. If you need to use your mobile phone overseas, please open international roaming at the business place of the corresponding telecom operator before departure to ensure the smooth use of your mobile phone abroad.

4. There is a total ban on smoking in public places in Russia. In case of violation, there will be a fine (including Red Square)!

5. Russian people are used to drinking cold water and hotels. For safety reasons, most of the local hotels do not provide a kettle. If you have the habit of drinking hot tea, you are advised to bring your own kettle or thermos cup!

[certificate preparation]

Passport: tourists are required to carry the original valid passport for more than half a year (the defaced, cancelled or reported lost passport is invalid) for entry and exit. The original passport is the only entry-exit document. If you forget or issue an invalid passport which is not recognized by the frontier inspection, you can't travel. All the losses will be borne by the holder himself. Because there are fake passports recently, the frontier inspection will occasionally check the ID card for verification, so please bring your ID card.

The tour visa free list is only applicable to tourists who hold the mainland China's private passports. Guests should be accompanied by group tours.

For those who do not have a valid visa, please confirm whether they have a valid visa or not. Visitors holding Hong Kong and Macao blue skin Special Administrative Region (SAR) passports are required to bring home permits for entry and exit. Visitors holding Hong Kong's "Ci" and "Di" (certificate of identity) or Chinese passport with the right of permanent residence in other countries are required to apply for a visa.

[luggage check] each person is limited to one piece of luggage, which is not more than 20kg. If it is more than 20kg, it is necessary to pay for the excess weight

1. There are risks of damage and being prized in luggage check-in.please do not put any valuables (such as camera, notebook, jewelry, cash, watch, etc.) in the checked baggage, so as to avoid unnecessary loss and trouble. If you bring your own camera or camera with zoom lens, advanced digital camera, camera, notebook computer and other items abroad, you should declare to the customs clearly when you leave the country, so as to avoid the trouble of tax collection when you enter the country. Please don't carry bags for strangers when entering or leaving the country. It is strictly forbidden to bring unhealthy and illegal publications into China.

2. Luggage: for overseas travel, the bag should be light, strong and locked. The weight of free checked baggage shall not exceed 20kg, the total length, width and height shall not exceed 158CM (28 inches), and the total length, width and height of carry on luggage shall not exceed 115cm (20 inches). Please send your valuables or

If you want to take your belongings with you, please take cash, certificates, passport and valuables with you. Please put fruit knives, nail clippers and other metal items in the luggage. The volume of liquid articles carried with you should not exceed 100 ml containers (the bottle containing things can only have 100ml, even if the 125ml container contains 100ml of things, it is not allowed to carry more than 100ml containers)

Travel advocates:

[civilized tourism] civilized travel is the obligation of every tourist.

*Smoking, loud noise, spitting and littering are prohibited in public places. Any violation will be punished by law.

*Travel should comply with the laws of China and the country of destination, and respect the religious and cultural habits of the destination country.

The currency of Russia is ruble. The dollar can be used in some places. International credit card (visa / Master) is used in Russia, but UnionPay card is not fully universal. In order to provide convenience for you, you can exchange rubles with the tour leader. If you can't use it, you can exchange it at the original exchange rate

[entry exit and customs]

China's frontier inspection should pay attention to warm tips:

1. When checking and stamping your passport, please follow the arrangement of the tour leader and arrange them in a line according to the order of the list. For the tourists with the same name and surname as the state accused person, you may be asked some questions at the customs clearance station, or you may be asked to wait for a while, and then you will be released after checking your personal data.

2. When passing the security inspection, you should show your passport and boarding pass, and then you can enter the security inspection area. Please take out the mobile phone and key, put them into the special box, pass through the conveyor belt and accept the inspection of the fluoroscope. For the guests with water and drinks, the security personnel will let you drink the water or throw the water bottle into the designated dustbin; for the guests with cans, your cans will be opened; for the guests with laptops, the computers should be taken out and checked by the fluoroscopy machine. Every guest must pass through the safety door. When you pass by, if the safety door makes a sound to prove that you have metal objects on you, please cooperate with the security personnel to carry out a personal inspection on you with a hand-held security detector.

3. After security check, please wait at the designated gate. Please do not stay too long to avoid delay in boarding. It should be noted that some airports take more than ten minutes to get to the gate from the security check area, and even some airports have to take the airport train to get there. Therefore, it is necessary to arrive at the gate in advance.

4. Check in or transfer: please confirm the gate and boarding time repeatedly and arrive at the gate 40 minutes in advance. The boarding gate may be changed temporarily. Please pay attention to the airport broadcast or the leader's prompt to avoid missed flight. If the flight is missed due to personal reasons, the loss shall be borne by the tourists themselves.

Matters needing attention when entering Russia:

1. The plane will taxi for some time after landing, please don't stand up in a hurry. When the plane stops completely, the steward signals the guest to get off the plane. The tour leader will take you to the arrival hall. The group guests line up in the order of the list, hand in their passports and seal them in turn, and then claim their luggage. The tourists who have passed the customs clearance first should be patient and wait for others. After the whole group has finished picking up their luggage and the team leader has taken out the list from the Russian border inspection box, the whole group will go out of the Customs together

2. When the passport is sealed, the Russian border inspection personnel will tear off half of the entry card and leave it, and the other half will be put in your passport. Please keep it and do not lose it, so as to avoid affecting the re exit and hotel check-in.

3. In very few cases, there will be the following situations: when you can't find your own luggage or your luggage is damaged, the tour leader will help you fill in some documents for reporting loss or claiming compensation, which may take a long time. In this case, other guests in the group should understand

4. The Russian customs is sometimes strict and sometimes loose. When it is strict, it is open for inspection, and when it is loose, it is directly out of the customs. If you have exhibition samples in your luggage for the purpose of business activities, you may be detained at the customs. In order to take out the samples, you may have to pay about 6000 rubles or more. In principle, tourists in tourist groups are not allowed to engage in business activities

There is no parking lot in front of the Russian airport. You need to follow the leader for five minutes to the designated tourist bus boarding and alighting point. The buses are all parked at the place 10 minutes away from the airport. After the leader calls, the driver will drive the car, so you may have to wait for five or six minutes

*Entry and exit: the entry and exit immigration cards need to be filled in. They can be obtained from the flight attendants on the plane. The entry cards should be handed over to the frontier inspection personnel when they enter the country. The exit cards must be kept properly so that they can be handed in when leaving the country.

*Border control organs: the administrative right of border control agencies is whether they are allowed to leave or enter the country. If the tourists are refused entry and exit due to their own reasons, the relevant responsibilities and expenses shall be borne by the tourists themselves.

*Customs declaration form: if you have entered the customs, please fill in the declaration form and go through the red channel. Please keep the customs declaration form properly. The exit declaration form shall be filled out again after leaving the country and submitted to the customs officer together with the entry declaration form. The amount of cash filled in the declaration form must be less than that at the time of entry. If the cash does not exceed $5000, no declaration is required. If there are no customs declaration items, you can go through the green channel. Customs officers sometimes count and check the cash and luggage of tourists. Local currency, precious cultural relics, antique wood carvings and World War II medals can not be taken out of the country. The larger oil paintings taken out of the country must go through the formalities with the Russian Ministry of culture for a long time, so please purchase them carefully.

[train instructions]

1. For the purpose of environmental protection and conservation, each berth on the train will be sent a set of sterilized bedding sealed with plastic bags, which contains a sheet, a cover sheet, a pillow case and a cloth towel. These spare parts need to be paved by ourselves, which is very unaccustomed to by domestic guests. Please understand this more. In addition, there is no price difference between the upper and lower berths of Russian trains. Tickets purchased will have upper and lower berths, so please be humble and adjust with each other.

2. The distance between Moscow and St. Petersburg is 700 km. There are several different trains going to and from Moscow every day, and the driving time is about eight or ten hours. During the peak season of tourism, train tickets are very tight, and travel agencies try their best. However, due to the large number of tourist teams from various countries and the Russians who travel there are also buying tickets in advance, the tourism team can not guarantee to buy all the train tickets in one carriage. Therefore, it is possible for you to live with Russians on the train. For larger teams, in the case of extremely tight tickets, the team may be divided into two or three trains. Yes

[Hotel instructions]

1. Cold and hot water are available in Russian hotels 24 hours a day for easy washing. But there is no drinking water in the room, so you need to go to the corridor or ask for the floor service staff.

2. Russian hotels are generally not equipped with toothbrush, soap and slippers. Please bring them by yourself.

3. The plug is unified as round plug in Russia, with power conversion socket (German standard) and the voltage is 220 v. Guests who like tea should bring their own heater.

4. The hardware and software facilities of Russian hotels are worse than those of China, and the beds are narrow. Due to environmental protection, history and mild climate in Europe, many hotels do not have air conditioning.

5. Pay TV and drinks in the room are items of personal expenses. Please clear personal account as soon as you leave a hotel, so that the team can start on time.

6. Don't put valuables and cash in your room. Plug in the door before you go to sleep. Don't open the door to strangers.

7. Most of the toilets in Russian hotels have no floor drain. When taking a bath in the bathroom, please stand in the bathtub and pull up the shower curtain. Do not splash water on the floor to avoid slipping.

8. If a single man or a single woman appears in hotel accommodation, the travel society will arrange the same-sex guests to live in the same room according to the order of registration. If the guest does not accept this way or the arrangement can not be made after coordination, the guest must make up the single room difference before departure and stay in the single room.

9. Most of the hotels are smoke-free. Smoking guests should go to the designated place of the hotel to smoke, otherwise they will receive heavy punishment.

10. The management mode of your hotel in Russia is Soviet style, and the star rating is according to your schedule. You may stay in another hotel of the same level in summer peak season. Due to the large number of tourists in the peak season, the check-in speed is slower than that in China. Please wait patiently. The room card and entry card will be issued to everyone, and they should be carried with them. There is a security check at the elevator entrance. You can't enter the elevator hall without an entry card.

Your passport will stay at the hotel after landing. It's very strict for foreigners to take their passports to Moscow street. If you need to go out, please explain to your team leader, who will solve it in a proper way. In all parts of the world, it is not ruled out that people with bad intentions go to the streets without a passport, which is easy to be blackmailed by bad police.

12. Russian elevator has no key to open and close the door, so it has to wait for the elevator to open and close automatically.

*For safety reasons, the hotel does not provide a kettle. Guests who like to drink tea need to bring their own heaters.

[climate and clothing] Russia has a continental climate, which is divided into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Winter is long and summer is short. It's warm indoors in winter, so you should take warm coat, cotton shoes, gloves and hat when going out;

When you are away from home, it is recommended that you take some commonly used medicines according to your own situation, such as car sickness medicine, Suxiao Jiuxin Pill, insulin (diabetes), Flavomycin (due to acclimatization), etc.

[local vehicles]

1. The first row near the door of the bus is the working position of the tour leader and tour guide. Please go out and carry forward the fine Chinese tradition of respecting the old and caring for the young. Be considerate and tolerant to each other. Please do not change seats at will.

2. Please put the trolley case into the trunk, do not take it to the car. To keep the car clean, don't eat snacks and ice cream with skin on the car. Please take the empty water bottle and all kinds of garbage left by everyone to get out of the car at any time and throw them into the garbage can on the roadside.

3. The car is not allowed to stand or walk in the driving process to ensure safety.

4. The Russian team will change the vehicles according to the route of the next day, so please take all the luggage and belongings with you before you get off at the hotel after the end of the day's journey, and do not leave them on the bus.

5. Most of the Russian tour buses use European models. Due to the national environmental protection regulations, the air conditioner on the bus can't be adjusted very low immediately. Therefore, in summer, there will be guests who don't feel cool when they get on the bus. The temperature in the bus can gradually cool down after a period of time. Please forgive me!

[local dining situation]

1. Most of the overseas group meals are used in Chinese restaurants, with a table for ten people. The tour leader will separate the guests according to the table number. Please sit down according to the table number.

2. The group meal is carried out according to the standard, which is reserved in advance and cannot be returned. The group meal is based on satiety. Please forgive the guests who are particular about their taste.

3. In Russia, most Chinese restaurants are based on the northeast food. If our southern guests feel that they are not used to it, they can prepare some pickles for dinner before leaving. The catering habits of different places are different. Please understand more.

4. In the group meal, if the guest wants to add food, pay with ruble. Please take a look at the menu and order, because the price of local Chinese food is much more expensive than that in China. Don't misunderstand. In addition, it will take more time to order. Please do not affect the team's departure.

[local scenic spots]

1. The distribution of scenic spots in the whole red square scenic area is scattered. Please follow the tour guide and the leading group to take photos. If there is a dissolution time, the host must remember the meeting place and time before leaving!

2. Lenin's tomb is closed every Monday and Friday. Every time the Russian government has major activities, Lenin's tomb will be closed, and sometimes the Red Square will be under martial law. Lenin's tomb is usually open from 10 a.m. to 13 a.m. It takes a long queue to visit Lenin. Please be patient. Before entering Lenin's tomb, your camera, camera and mobile phone with camera function should be handed over to your tour guide, because the above items are not allowed to be brought into Lenin's tomb. Please do not smoke near Lenin's tomb, red square and Tomb of unknown martyrs.

3. The Hermitage (Winter Palace) Museum in St. Petersburg has some specific regulations for visitors: to take photos with cameras and cameras, or to take pictures, you must pay another ticket. Hands are not allowed to touch the exhibits during the visit. The team tour will follow a well-designed route to see the main famous exhibits. The team usually visits the museum for an hour and a half.

4. Petersia palace is located about 29 kilometers outside St. Petersburg. In the lower garden, the tour guide will specify a meeting place and clearly state the assembly time. Guests can take photos freely in the garden. Please remember the assembly time, arrive at the sign at the designated place on time, and don't be late. The visiting time of the garden is about 1.5 hours.

*Most palaces in Russia are not allowed to carry backpacks. If guests need to use backpacks on the same day, they can be put on the bus or deposited in the palace scenic area before visiting the Palace (please follow your valuables)!

*Most palaces and churches in Russia need to buy tickets separately. Please communicate with the leaders in advance if necessary!

*There are few toilets in Russian cities. In general, the tour leader will try to find free toilets for the team. However, the toilet of the scenic spot is charged. In case of emergency, you can enter the roadside coffee shop to solve the problem. Please respect the Russian culture and buy a proper drink before.

[relevant personal and property safety tips]

1. Pay attention to personal and property safety: when you are abroad, you should abide by the local traffic rules, do not run the red light, and do not stand on the carriageway when taking photos. Do not conflict with the local personnel, so as not to hurt yourself. If you have something, please communicate with the tour leader or tour guide to help solve the problem.

2. During the tour, try to avoid going to remote places and travel together as much as possible to take care of each other. Please remember the name and address of the hotel you are staying in. You'd better ask the front desk for a hotel card and take it with you in case you get lost. Please keep in mind the contact numbers of the tour guide and the tour leader. If you are lost abroad, please contact the guide and wait for the guide to come. Do not tell the room number of the hotel you are staying in or invite the stranger to the room for interview, so as to avoid personal and property safety problems.

3. Please pay attention to the slippery ground when you take a plane, take a bus, get on the boat, and take a bath in the bathroom. Stand firmly and hold firmly to avoid sprain and body damage.

If personal or property accidents occur during the journey, please report to the tour leader in time. With the assistance of the tour leader, go through the application registration procedures and ask for the supporting materials for proper handling after returning home.

According to the international practice, there are some self paid items in overseas travel. Please choose and pay by yourself according to your physical condition and the principle of voluntary participation.

Itinerary: the quoted price for the tour route is based on the number of nights staying abroad. The travel agency has the right to make appropriate adjustments to the flight without reducing the number of scenic spots, itineraries and overnight stay abroad. At the same time, the travel agency reserves the right to make appropriate adjustments to the price and specific itinerary due to changes in relevant national policies, airline flights and weather.

Airport tips: international flights are required to arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance, while domestic flights are required to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours in advance. Please do not stay too far away from the tour leader during the airport waiting. Domestic flights often change the boarding gate temporarily to avoid missed flights. If you can't find you because of personal reasons, such as watching TV and forgetting the time, shopping mall, temporary boarding gate leader, tourists, and so on. If you fail to catch the plane, you need to buy your own ticket to join the team. The travel agency will not be responsible for it.

For example, non-human factors such as weather, machine failure, international strike / riot and other non-human factors lead to international flight delay / cancellation, schedule change, etc. are human force majeure events. The travel society actively coordinates with airlines, and tries its best to ensure that the original plan is not greatly affected, and communicates with overseas countries to minimize losses. However, due to force majeure, the travel agency still has no liability for breach of contract and economic compensation obligation (except for the refund of the actual expenses). Please understand and know it well! Tourists are also urged to be tolerant and cooperative in the face of force majeure and emergencies, and cooperate with travel agencies to deal with them in order to achieve the best result and minimize the loss.

Health and safety tips:

If you have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or special medical history, please take the medicine with you and inform the travel agency and tour guide in advance. When you feel uncomfortable during the trip, please also tell the guide so that you can deal with it in time. Reminder: the insurance company will not compensate for the past medical history which broke out overseas. If you have diabetes, please take insulin with you and don't put it in your luggage Do not eat food from vendors or strangers to avoid food poisoning;

The notice of departure is a detailed description prepared by the travel agency for you. If there is anything not mentioned, please forgive me and hope to get the full understanding of each guest.

Russia is a beautiful and culturally rich country, but it is also a country in constant transformation. Both hardware and software are lagging behind the conditions of the domestic developed regions. But Russia must be a country worth visiting. You will be deeply impressed by its picturesque scenery and profound culture. Hope that everything is not in place to be able to get your tolerance and tolerance, I would like to express my respect to you! --------I wish you all the best!

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