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Aits-190806c US east west coast, waterfall, visiting famous schools, Yellowstone National Park for 14 days (DL / Salt Lake City double flight)

Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the United States, with nearly 9, 000 square kilometers of crystal clear lakes, magnificent canyons, boundless grasslands and majestic waterfalls; under the blue sky, mountains stand, geysers and hot springs gush from the surface, and wildlife haunts from time to time; exclusive arrangements for staying in Terra Nova, a newly built cottage in the Yellowstone forest, to watch the sunrise and sunset, and to enjoy the galaxy.

Special recommendation:

The luggage check-in fee of Delta Airlines - Lijiang domestic section is ¥ 350 - ¥ 400 per person

It integrates world wonders, natural beauty, entertainment and leisure, history and culture, and fashion shopping, including eight famous cities in the United States:

New York, Washington, Philadelphia, buffalo, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas

Feel the charm of America:

[National Park] Yellowstone National Park, the first National Park in the United States, is full of natural wonders such as geothermal phenomena and hot spring basins

Grand Teton National Park the towering great Teton mountains

enjoy the beautiful scenery] the statue of liberty, the symbol of the United States

San Diego - world famous military port, Spanish royal garden architecture

Philadelphia, the birthplace of American independence, was named "the next great city in America" by National Geographic magazine

Niagara Falls - free cruise ships to experience the world's largest transnational waterfall

Colorado Grand Canyon (Xixia) - Indian reservation, one of the world's seven natural wonders

[theme park] Universal Studios in Hollywood

[shopping paradise] direct selling area of bushto famous brand factory - many famous American brands, discount as low as 30% to 70% every day

New York Fifth Avenue, the world's most expensive shopping street, gathers the world's top brands

One of the top universities in California

UCLA - one of the most respected research universities in the United States

Princeton University -- the fourth ancient university as famous as Harvard

[comfortable accommodation] American economy hotel, a new cabin in Yellowstone forest






Day 01


Aircraft / bus

Reference flight Shanghai Pudong / Los Angeles Delta dl88 06aug PVG lax 2040 1805

The plane goes to Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States after New York. With its whirling scenery, metropolitan style, prosperity and Ningxin, Los Angeles is a beautiful and dazzling coastal city on the west coast of the United States.


Day 02



Los Angeles: urban sightseeing + avenue of stars + UCLA + Universal Studios Hollywood

The tour is named after the appearance of Chinese architecture. The bronze roof of the Chinese Theater rises into the sky (appearance), the Hollywood avenue of fame with world stars' fingerprints and footprints, and the Dolby theatre, the venue of the Oscar ceremony, which attracts worldwide attention (the total time of the above attractions is no less than 1 hour). The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)] (no less than 30 minutes) is the most respected research university in the United States, with lofty academic status and beautiful campus scenery. It is the cradle of professional talents in American business finance and high-tech industry. Hollywood, the dream machine of human beings, is the axis of the world film. In the blockbusters made by Hollywood filmmakers, there are many shocking scenes. In Hollywood Universal Studios, you can walk into the movies and experience all of them personally. Universal Studios Hollywood (no less than 4 hours) is a super large theme entertainment park built around movie shooting scenes. It is also a must visit place for tourists to Los Angeles. The world-famous movie city tour will be a wonderful experience you can't miss in California. You can see the magic of film making behind the scenes, solve the mystery of stunt shots, and review the highlights of classic movies. The concept of "Hollywood magic" is fully reflected in the whole park of Hollywood Universal Studios, but "the magic world of Harry Potter" ™” The opening of the new era is to create a new era for it. There are roller coasters, shops and an endless supply of cream beer Gamma , will lead Harry Potter Gamma Fans enter the magic world of the beloved little boy. Take care of yourself in the lunch garden.


* *


Day 03



Driving in Los Angeles for 2 hours / 200km San Diego / military port + old city + Balboa Park + University of California San Diego

After breakfast, drive to the Pacific coastal city of San Diego, which has become a popular holiday resort in the United States with its ideal warm climate, boundless beaches, deep-sea ports and unforgettable attractions. Visit San Diego military port (free sightseeing no less than 30 minutes), which is also the military port of the U.S. Pacific Fleet; the statue of the kiss of the century, which represents people's yearning for world peace, stands on the open grassland along the coast; the Spanish style "San Diego old city" (free sightseeing for no less than 30 minutes) on the US Mexican border is known as "American City Cultural Park" [Balboa Park] (not less than 1 hour), the buildings in the park have the typical Spanish Colonial Revival style and are decorated with gorgeous decoration. The courtyard and porch eaves are open and elegant, which seems to take people back to the Spanish royal garden more than 100 years ago and visit the famous University of California, San Diego (no less than 30 minutes). Then he returned to Los Angeles.




Day 04



2 hours driving in Los Angeles / 200 kilometers driving in bushto brand factory direct selling area 2 hours / 200 kilometers in Las Vegas

Drive through the mohawi desert in the west of the United States, and go to the direct selling area of bashitu famous brand factory (free activity no less than 1.5 hours), including famous brands coach, MK, guess, Tommy, gap, Nike, etc., you can bring some satisfactory gifts for your relatives and friends, and take care of your lunch. Drive to Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the United States. The city of the desert, Las Vegas, is a city born for entertainment. It is located in the daunting Mojave desert. It is a neon city that never sleeps. It is a colorful world of light and shadow. Take you to the Las Vegas Night View (no less than 1.5 hours), then go to Las Vegas Avenue, where world-famous theme hotels are gathered, such as the Venetian hotel with the theme of Venice, the water capital of Italy (the hotel fully shows the scenery of water city Venice, such as sigh bridge, San Marco Square, bell tower and gondola, The canal on the second floor, the arch bridge full of Venetian sentiment, the stone slab road and the artificial sky curtain that changes every 20 minutes...) and the Baile Palace Hotel famous for its music fountain (enjoy the unique light, music and water dance in the world outside the hotel, the strange sea of glass flowers on the sky screen of the hotel lobby, and the millions of dollars of collecting exotic flowers and plants to form an indoor garden with different themes in four seasons).




Day 05



Las Vegas

In the morning, you can drive to the west gorge of Colorado Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world. The Grand Canyon is one of the world's majestic natural wonders and one of the natural heritages selected by UNESCO as one of the protected natural heritages. The west gorge is a valapa Indian reserve. It can view the Colorado River, the second longest in North America, running through the bottom of the Grand Canyon from the bottom to the top of the valley. Most of the rocks in the Grand Canyon are brown and distributed from the bottom to the top From the Cambrian to the Cenozoic, the strata in different periods have clear layers, different colors, and contain representative biological fossils of various geological ages, which is called "living geological history textbook".




Day 06


Aircraft / bus

Las Vegas / Salt Lake City reference flight Delta dl1380 11aug lasslc 0625 0852

Salt Lake City 3 hours / 300 km Idaho

(in case of an early flight, please bring your own breakfast. Meals are not provided on American domestic flights. Please bring your own dry food for lunch.)

The establishment of Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, owes its establishment to the enthusiasm and dedication of Mormons, which enabled the establishment of such a modern and industrialized city in this salt water. Upon arrival, visit the Mormon Temple Square in the city center (no less than 30 minutes) and the Utah government (appearance, no less than 20 minutes). Go to the famous "Idaho Falls" (no less than 15 minutes), which is an artificial waterfall formed to build a flood control project on the Snake River. Drive to Idaho for accommodation.




Day 07



Yellowstone national park

Visiting Huangshi Lake area is the biggest feature of Huangshi Lake area, with its beautiful lakes, mountains and rich wild animals. It's not less than 20 minutes to Yellowstone Lake. Visit the "Huangshi Canyon waterfall area" (no less than 15 minutes), and enjoy the magnificent and beautiful grand canyon and Huangshi waterfall. Visit Huangshi Park famous geothermal hot spring area, xiatu hot spring basin and midway hot spring basin. Among them, [big prism] and [color pot] (the travel time is no less than 1.5 hours) are absolutely not to be missed. The most important star visiting Yellowstone Park -- "old faithful fountain" (no less than 40 minutes), the periodic geyser eruption has never stopped. Stay in a cabin in Huangshi forest.




Day 08



Grand Teton National Park 4.5 hours / 450 km Salt Lake City

Head to Grand Teton National Park, a spectacular glacier mountain area in northwest Wyoming. Then drive to Salt Lake City.




Day 09


Aircraft / bus

Salt Lake City / Atlanta / buffalo reference flight Delta dl2155 14aug slcatl 0705 1246 dl1159 14aug atlbuf 1341 1545

(meals are not provided on domestic flights in the United States. Breakfast is required for early flight and dry food for lunch and dinner.)

Take the plane to Buffalo or Rochester. Buffalo is a port city on the East Bank of Lake Erie in Western New York state. It is located at the south mouth of the Niagara River, and is opposite the Niagara River to the west of Fort illy in Canada. Upon arrival, they are sent to the hotel for rest.




Day 10



Buffalo Niagara Falls 8 hours / 800 km Washington

Drive to Niagara Falls at the junction of Ontario, Canada and New York state, Take a cruise ship named "maiden in the fog" to enjoy the magnificence of Niagara Falls (no less than 1 hour). It is a waterfall on the Niagara River in northeast North America and one of the most famous wonders in the American continent. Together with Iguazu waterfall and Victoria waterfall, it is known as the three major transnational waterfalls in the world. At the same time with the Colorado Grand Canyon, known as one of the nine wonders of the world. Drive to Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States. Stay in the grand Washington District hotel.




Day 11



Washington 2.5h/250km Philadelphia 1.5h/150km New Jersey Princeton University

Visit the statue of the United States and the symbol of Washington city. The Lincoln Memorial Hall, the Vietnam War Memorial Wall and the Korean War Memorial built in memory of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, have the appearance of the Capitol building. Now the dome of the Capitol building has become the background of American political news reports on TV; the appearance of the official residence of the US president and the representative of the US government The total visiting time of Washington scenic spots is no less than 2 hours. After driving to Philadelphia, the birthplace of American independence, the constitution, an important document in American history, is also initialed here. Go to liberty bell, Independence Palace, old Capitol, National Independence Park (appearance, Philadelphia attractions, total time not less than 40 minutes). Go to Princeton, New Jersey, and visit Princeton University, the fourth ancient university as famous as Harvard (no less than 1 hour). (stay at New Jersey Hotel)




Day 12



One day trip to Manhattan:

Liberty Cruise - Times Square - Wall Street - Rockefeller building - Fifth Avenue (trump building)

Take the "statue of Liberty Cruise" (no less than 1 hour, cruise ship around the island, not on the island), and overlook the statue of liberty. The statue of liberty is a gift given by France to the United States for the 100th anniversary of its independence in 1876. It is the best symbol of the spirit of American freedom and democracy. Visit New York and even the world's financial center - [Wall Street], the site of Washington's inauguration of the first president of the United States [Federal Office] (appearance), the world's second largest trading volume [New York Stock Exchange] (appearance); the world's only "international territory" [United Nations headquarters] (appearance); visit the era known as the "crossroads of the world" To the landmark of New York and the symbol of American wealth Rockefeller building (without climbing to the top) (the total visiting time of the above scenic spots is no less than 2 hours). Go to [Fifth Avenue] for free sightseeing (free sightseeing time is no less than 1 hour). On the Fifth Avenue, there are numerous luxury stores and flagship stores around the world: Gucci, Zegna, Versace, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, etc. Apple's flagship store, New York's landmark St. Patrick's Cathedral and Central Park, which are open 24 hours a day throughout the year, are all located on Fifth Avenue. After trump became the 45th president of the United States, the trump building on Fifth Avenue has become a famous landmark of Fifth Avenue. You can go to the trump store in the building to buy products with trump logo, or visit Ivanka jewelry store of Trump's daughter. (stay in New Jersey Hotel).




Day 13


Aircraft / bus

New York / Detroit reference flight Delta Airlines DL 871 18aug lgadtw 1243 1454

Detroit / Shanghai Pudong reference flight Delta Airlines DL 583 18aug dtwpvg 1610 1835p + 1

Send the plane to the airport and finish the trip.


Day 14



Pudong, Shanghai

Arrive at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.


Special notes:

(1) The above flight information is for reference only, please refer to the final flight information.

(2) The cost of changing the itinerary after the group departure is borne by the tourists themselves. The shape of lunch and dinner depends on the situation of the day.

(3) We can change the tour order according to the actual situation with the consent of tourists.

(4) The scenic spots involved in the route or distant view are not regarded as official scenic spots, which may affect the viewing effect due to different traffic, weather and viewing angle.

(5) Domestic flights in the United States earlier than 11:00 are early flights. In case of early flights, please bring your own breakfast.

The cost includes:

1) Team economy class ticket including tax;

2) American economy hotel standard room (one room for two people, there is no unified star rating standard in America, and the room type is not promised. The specific room type shall be subject to the room at the front desk, and the hotel reference is attached);

Note: due to the environmental protection of the National Park, it is not allowed to build high-end hotels in Huangshi park. There are only a few hotels, campsites and unique characteristic Hotels with a long history in Huangshi Park (equivalent to domestic three-star hotels and above). Generally, the hotel facilities are relatively simple (some Hotel rooms only have simple beds and bathrooms), and the buildings are generally too They are all wooden houses. However, it has local characteristics and the accommodation conditions are relatively difficult. Please forgive me.

Note: in principle, we will try our best for couples, relatives and lovers to join the group, but we can't ensure that the same room will be arranged. If there is a single room due to your special requirements, please pay the corresponding single room difference fee. If a single parent takes the child out, the child must occupy the bed.

3) Air conditioned tourist car;

4) The breakfast indicated in the itinerary is hotel breakfast or packaged breakfast, mostly cold breakfast, and lasvie delivers packaged breakfast; the lunch and dinner during the trip are mainly Chinese and western buffet or Chinese table meal, supplemented by simple meal (fast food / cold box meal, etc.); Chinese table meal is arranged according to the number of people, 8-10 people per table, six dishes and one soup; American local lunch is marked at $7 per person and dinner at $8 per person;

Note: American diet is simple and convenient. American hotel breakfast restaurant usually only provides bread, coffee, tea, juice and other simple food; 5)

5) Bilingual tour guide / tour leader service in both Chinese and English (excluding self arranged activity time);

6) The first ticket for regular scenic spots (Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Universal Studios Hollywood, Grand Canyon Xixia, statue of Liberty Cruise ship, maiden in the fog Cruise).

The fee does not include:

1) Passport, US visa fee and evus registration fee of us visa e-renewal system, US visa fee (including evus registration fee) ¥ 1300 / person;

2) Food and beverage are not included in the itinerary, transfer and waiting in the airport and meals on the plane in the inland section of the United States;

3) Single room difference of local hotel in the whole process;

4) All personal expenses, including detention, violation of law, communications, airport and hotel baggage handling services, meals and transportation during free time;

5) The cost of any section of international flight exceeding the free baggage standard and the baggage check-in fee of domestic section in the United States (subject to the airline counter charge standard for details);

6) Travel accident insurance expenses (suggested to be purchased by customers themselves);

7) Economic losses caused by travel changes due to traffic delay or failure caused by force majeure;

8) In principle, our company will try our best for couples, relatives and lovers to join the group, but we can't ensure that the same room is arranged. If there is a single room due to your special requirements, please pay the corresponding single room difference fee.

9) Any additional expenses not listed in the above "fee inclusive" clause.

Explanation on electronic system evus for registration and visa renewal

1) The electronic visa update system (evus) refers to the online regular updating system of personal basic information used by Chinese citizens holding 10-year valid B1 / B2, B1 or B2 visa to assist them to travel to the United States. In addition to a valid visa, the above-mentioned passengers must complete the evus registration in order to obtain permission to enter the United States.

2) Since November 2016, all travelers with PRC passports and 10-year valid B1 / B2, B1, or B2 U.S. visas must enter the visa update electronic system evus website for information registration in order to obtain permission to enter the United States. Applicants who hold a 10-year B1 / B2, B1 or B2 visa issued before November 2016 must register with evus after the rule takes effect before they can use the visa. Applicants for a 10-year B1 / B2, B1 or B2 visa from November 2016 must register before their first trip to the United States. The registration of all applicants remains valid for two years.


1) Please pay visa fee and ticket deposit at the time of registration, totaling ¥ 6300 / person. We have received the deposit to reserve the flight space. If the guest cancels the flight without the reason of refusal, the ticket deposit of ¥ 5000 per person and the visa fee already incurred will not be refunded.

2) Our company reserves the right to adjust the itinerary and departure date due to government, visa, airline flight, weather, local traffic and other force majeure reasons.

3) Our company reserves the right to adjust the price due to the factors such as air ticket, ticket tax, visa fee of Consulate, exchange rate adjustment, etc.

4) If you want to live in a single room, you should make up for the difference of RMB 4500 / whole journey / bed;

If the child (2-12 years old) does not occupy the bed, the tour fee will be reduced by ¥ 2500 / person on the basis of the original price.

If a single parent takes the child out, the child must occupy the bed.

About hotel standards:

There is no unified hotel star rating in America


¥ 26500
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