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Note: This guide is only suitable for poor travel parties who have a small number of students on graduation trips or those with a low budget who love to travel. Friends with high budgets are for reference only. Write Zhihu for the first time, don't spray if you don't like it. The author spent 6 days in Tibet in early and mid-May (planned for 10 days and ended the trip early due to a cold)

Prepare clothes: Fleece jackets are almost all the clothes recommended in the strategy, and down jackets are also available (the principle is windproof and warm). Pants: jeans + warm pants + long trousers. Socks and underwear can be worn according to personal schedule and habits (socks are usually a bit hard to dry overnight). Gloves, mask (windproof), sun hat. Keep warm! Keep warm! Keep warm! Very important! It's better to keep it hot than cold (I ended the trip ahead of time because of the cold and cold) Medicines: Norfloxacin Capsules (to treat water and soil), Changyanning (to treat gastroenteritis), ibuprofen (to treat headaches), colds that I think are effective Medicine, emergency syrup [these medicines are basically necessary for going out] Rhodiola (it is said to be taken 1 week in advance, can help prevent high reaction, I know it is too late, it is useless), highland safety (high reaction appears It can be taken. It is specially used for the treatment of altitude sickness. It is recommended to buy a cheaper price of around 49 yuan in Lhasa. It is said that the effect is very good. [The above medicines are necessary] Effervescent tablets (vitamin supplement, Tibet is very dry) Glucose (it is said to alleviate high reactions) Oxygen cylinder (it is recommended to buy another 30-40 yuan in Lhasa, you can spray more than 100 times, it is not recommended, unless the high reaction is very serious and must be used) motion sickness medicine [the three are optional] other equipment you like snacks Food, sun glasses, sunscreen, aloe vera gel (or other hydrating equipment), lipstick (you will thank me if you take this, etc.), tissues, wet wipes, chewing gum (there are a few scenic spots where accommodation conditions are difficult and you can’t wash ). If you like photography, bring a tripod (the starry sky is beautiful). You must bring your ID card, and you must bring it.

There are many ways to enter Tibet: I’ve heard of airplanes, trains, cars, bicycles, tractors, skateboards, hiking, pilgrimage...Here we recommend trains to enter (gradually adapt to high anti-reflection) and trains to exit. Out. The Qinghai-Tibet Railway will pass through Qinghai Lake, Tanggula Mountain, and Cona Lake. The scenery is good, but these are just the beginning of enjoying the beauty of Tibet. City traffic: If you are in Lhasa, taxis will be cheaper than Didi, you can consider taking a regular taxi

Accommodation articles If you want to save money or know more people, you can live in a hostel (or homestay) in Lhasa. The price ranges from 30-70 for a bed (you can advance), but you must bring your toiletries, and if you can, bring a separate sleeping bag (to sleep comfortably) Clean), if you want a more comfortable stay, you can book a hotel with similar conditions. You can check the information of the youth hostel (or hotel) on travel software such as Ctrip or Mafengwo in advance (environmental conditions, prices, and addresses should be closer to the Potala Palace), and book in advance. If you go to play outside the city, it is recommended to sign up for the kind of group with accommodation, it will be very convenient.

For the diet article, I’m not particularly particular and sensitive to eating. Here I found a popular online celebrity snack in Lhasa. What are the top ten most famous foods in Lhasa? Don’t miss it. If you are outside of Lhasa, I suggest you report a group. If the group meal is not good enough, you can order something else at the place where you eat. Oh, yes, Tibet has visited a lot of Sichuan restaurants (Sichuan compatriots have paid a lot to help Tibet)

Scenic Spots After playing in Tibet for 6 days, the scenery I saw probably included these types of ancient buildings (or temples), snow-capped mountains, lakes, and plants. The same kind of scenery gives me the same personal feelings. The itinerary for the entire trip is recommended to be from low to high altitude. Generally, the first place to go is Lhasa. You can also go to Linzhi on the second day after arriving in Lhasa, and then go back to Lhasa and then visit the attractions of Lhasa. So the following 1 and 2 are in no particular order. 1. Lhasa: Potala Palace: Tickets for the Potala Palace need to be reserved. After the reservation is received, the ticket will have the time to visit the Potala Palace the next day. There are two ways to make an appointment online or offline. Offline reservations need to queue up at the Potala Palace ticket office. In May, the reservation tickets will be released at 9 a.m., usually at 11 or 12 noon, and the locals will suggest to go from 10 to 10:30. There are usually few people in line at this time to get reserved tickets. If you don't want to line up, you can also find someone to take your ID card to collect it on your behalf. The market price should be 50 yuan. Someone does this locally. Online reservations can be made by registering an account on the official website of the Potala Palace. The reservation should start at 14:30 every afternoon. You can book tickets for the next 7 days. In addition, there is a Yaowang Mountain Observation Deck next to the Potala Palace Square. The pictures behind the RMB 50 yuan were taken on the observation deck. Jokhang Temple: There is a 12-year-old Shakyamuni who is waiting for him. This does not require an appointment. However, in the morning, there are more people who go to worship for local worship. In the afternoon, there are relatively fewer people, but if you want to see a lot of people worship , You can go in the morning. You can make your own wishes inside. Tibetan Buddhism does not need to make a wish, so there is no need to worry about the realization of the wish. In Lhasa, I think these two attractions are enough. When you enter the door, it is best to ask other tourists to ask for a tour guide. If no one introduces them, these two attractions are purely walking around.

2. Nyingchi Nyingchi has more local trees, and the altitude is lower than Lhasa, and the oxygen content is relatively high. The local tour guide will say that the Nyingchi tour is an oxygen-absorbing tour. Therefore, it is also recommended that the trip to Tibet start from Linzhi. If you want to be economical, there are more groups for three days and two nights. I quoted a group of 500, including board and lodging, fares, and tickets. However, the group meals may not be particularly good, and those who are particular about eating can bring some Eat, or order more food at your own expense. The main scenic spots around Nyingchi are Mila Pass, Basongcuo, Lulang Forest Sea, and Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon. Mila Pass: At an altitude of 5013 meters, it is very cold and you can see many snow-capped mountains. If you want to go to the toilet here, it is 2 yuan/person, dry toilet, so you must prepare change. Ba Songcuo: It has the reputation of "Tibetan Little Switzerland". It is really beautiful. I think this attraction is the most beautiful attraction in this group. Go directly to the Lulang Linhai: Along National Highway 318, Lin Hai is mostly seen in the car, and you will stop to enjoy the scenery when you encounter a sightseeing platform on the road. It will give people a kind of magnificence that cannot be recorded by the lens, which can only be felt when you are on the scene. Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon: The largest canyon in the world, but this scenic spot gives people the feeling of tasteless and a pity, and it does not give a big impact, but it will be regrettable not to go. Because the canyon is so big, most of it is almost just at the mouth of the canyon. However, there is a viewing platform where you can see the Nanga Bawa Peak. Up to now, no mountaineering team in the world can conquer this peak, with an altitude of 7,782 meters. Buddha Palm Sand Dunes: The second largest natural sand dune in China, you will pass by on the way to the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon. The tour guide will let visitors to the viewing platform. This is not the point. The point is that there are local Tibetans selling Tibetan pork burritos next to the viewing platform. They are very fragrant and not expensive at 10 yuan/piece. Tibetan Medicine Museum: This attraction will be sent by guides to let visitors learn about Tibetan medicine and Tibetan medicine, and a magical Tibetan doctor will help you diagnose your pre-existing disease (a disease you may have in the future). Some Tibetan doctors here recommend a prescription for you to take medicine. The Tibetan doctor is very accurate, but the medicine here is a bit more expensive. If you have money, you can buy it. If you don't have money, you can listen to it. Or you can remember the method of the Tibetan doctor and buy it elsewhere. Home visit of Tibetans: Generally, this group will send a Tibetan home to visit. Go to the Tibetan homes to learn about the living habits of the Gongbu Tibetans and the state's assistance to the Tibetans. Go to a Tibetan home to drink butter tea. Finally, I will show you their silver handicrafts. Those who want to buy can buy them, but those who don’t want to buy are not forced. Things are really good, but unfortunately I didn't have money at the time. I would definitely buy one if I had money. The reason is boring if you say it, you can only feel it if you understand it for yourself. I can only say that these things are good for the body.


3. Nam Co. Nam Co. There are two types of tours. One is a one-day tour. The price is more than one hundred yuan in early and mid-May. When you go back to Lhasa that day, you can enjoy it by the lake around noon. One is 2 days and 1 night. You can watch the sunset, starry sky, and sunrise by the lake. The price ranges from more than 200 to more than 300 in early and mid-May. More than 300 package accommodations. However, it is recommended that the 2 days and 1 night group report does not include the accommodation price as low as possible, because after I went to find a bed of 50 or 60 accommodation, there is no need to spend money. The driver will directly take everyone to a place to live. The place to stay is on the Tashi Peninsula (near the Nam Co Lake). It is very, very cold at night, so keep warm! I put on all the equipment for the winter in the north, but I still caught a cold. It seems that I went to all the groups here and I didn't find a package meal. The meal here is very expensive. There are more than 40 noodles in the national chain of Shaxian snacks. You can bring something to eat if you want to save money. There are wild dogs outside on the peninsula at night. If you want to see the stars, at least three or four people will go together. I went out to look at it at 12 o'clock in the evening, there were no stars, it was as cold as a fool, and then I went back to sleep. If you want to see the starry sky, it is recommended to go out at three or four o'clock in the middle of the night. It is really beautiful. The toilets in the Tashi Peninsula are outside. The dry toilets are in difficult conditions. The toilets are very cold at night. It seems that there are no lights in the toilets. Tibetans by the lake would take yaks for tourists to take photos, 20 or 30 at a time. When I went, I asked for 40, but I didn't take them. Tibetans also sell things. It is not recommended to communicate with them too much, and it is difficult to tell whether things are true or false.

4. The Yamdrok Lake was not completed. It is also very beautiful and close to Lhasa Binnam Co. Some people say that you don’t feel anymore after watching Namco and Yanghu. There are also paid photo projects by the Yanghu Lake, including Tibetan Mastiff and Yak. This is arranged according to time. If you play for a long time, you can go for both. If you play for a short time, you should go for one.


5. Everest Base Camp has a lot of 4 days and 3 nights including Everest Base Camp. The scenic spots include Everest Base Camp, Karola Glacier, Rongbuk Monastery, Tashilhunpo Monastery, but there seems to be one on the day of Everest Base Camp. No meals. Prices range from more than 700 to a thousand. The difference lies in the accommodation conditions and moisture. On the basis of meeting your own accommodation conditions, choose the lowest price. I didn't go to this group because of a cold. Not much to understand. But I also read a lot of guides. Before going to the Everest Base Camp, you can bring some high-calorie foods such as chocolate. It is expensive to eat there, and it may not be good if you include a meal. The base camp is said to be a tent of the local Tibetans, but it seems to be very warm, but the temperature outside will be relatively low, so keeping warm is very important.

The above is the situation of some scenic spots I know. Regarding group registration, shop around and check out more on travel websites. For comparison, the itinerary for general attractions is basically the same. Just find the one with the lowest price, because the travel agency may be similar to a channel agent, and enjoy it when you travel. The service is basically the same, but there may be differences in where you live. Generally, three-stars or three-stars are enough (meaning three-star standard). If you are optimistic about it online, don't rush to order. Generally, you can place your order before 19:00 or 21:00 the day before the departure of the group. You can also ask the owner of the hotel where you live, because they will also act as agents and compare prices, which may be cheaper than online.

The cultural article first went to Tibet for the beautiful scenery, but in the end the unique Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhism culture attracted people. Before going, you can learn some things about Tibetan customs and Tibetan Buddhism, or you can listen to the tour guide after you go. What is the golden lottery drawing? What is the relationship between the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama? What is the difference between Tibetan Buddhism and Chinese Buddhism? Why do Tibetans worship all the way? ……I watched several Tibet-related movies on the way to and from Tibet, "Kang Rinpoche", "Red River Valley", "Seven-Seven Days", and "Turning the Mountain". There are many more. If you are interested, you can watch some before going. Movies about Tibet.

Regarding high anti-rebellion Normal people will have high anti-rebellion when they go to Tibet. Generally, it is much better to adapt to one or two days. Minor reactions of high reaction include slight pain in the back of the forehead and difficulty in breathing (just like running in the plains). Paying attention to rest is not a big problem. Severe head pain and insomnia. Rhodiola is used to prevent high reaction, while Gaoyuan An is used to treat high reaction. It is said that drinking glucose can also relieve high reaction. It is also very important to overcome the high rebellious mentality. Don't pay too much attention to this matter. Normal people can adapt.

Forget about the cost, I spent 6 days on this trip to Tibet and 4 days on the way back and forth, spending a total of three thousand in my early years. The ticket is more than 1,000, the group is about 1,000, and other miscellaneous things also cost about 1,000. If there is no cold and finally reported to the Everest Base Camp for a 4-day tour, it is estimated that four thousand can be capped.

Experiences and feelings Traveling in Tibet is really just like what the tour guide said. The eyes are in heaven and the body is in hell. The body will be uncomfortable due to high reaction, cold, and long-distance driving. But in a different place, there are blue sky, white clouds, and snowy mountains. , It’s not interesting to experience different cultures and meet different people. I met a lot of people on the way to go alone, some of them graduated and traveled like me, some who quit their jobs and came out to play, some who took leave of work and came out to play, and some who made video on the road to propose marriage... My age missed me. People in their twenties, in their 30s and 40s, also saw uncles and aunts who are over sixty years old, overcoming high anti-reflex, hanging up with SLR to play, and even 70-year-old people, walking is already inconvenient, and dragging a suitcase alone Traveling in Tibet. Many people will hesitate to go because of many scruples. I feel that when traveling to Tibet, there are only thinking and not wanting. There is no ability and inability. As long as you think, you can definitely go.

Finally, I wish every partner who goes to Tibet will not be in vain and have fun!